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Thanksgiving Recipe

Thanksgiving Recipe - Turkey Recipe - Thanksgiving Day Feast

Thanksgiving - It is the time of year when families gather around the table to celebrate the Holi...

Tailgate - Tailgating Recipes

Tailgate Recipes Free Pork Barrel BBQ Tailgating Recipes A tailgate party, aka Tailgating - is ...
BBQ Links

BBQ Links - Best Barbecue Sites

Links Best BBQ Links? Where are the best barbecue sites to find the information you are looking f...
BBQ Ribs Recipe - Competition BBQ Recipe

BBQ Ribs Recipe - Competition BBQ Recipe

BBQ Ribs Recipe - Competition Ribs Serves 4 - 6 | Total Time: 5 hours BBQ ribs are about as cl...
Shark Tank Blog

Shark Tank - Shark Tank Products

Pork Barrel BBQ on Shark Tank On September 13, 2009 Pork Barrel BBQ made its national televisi...

All Purpose Seasoning Recipe

Makes 2 Cups | Total Time: 10 mins This simple rub is great on beef, pork, poultry, seafood and ...

Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce Recipe

Makes 2 Cups | Total Time: 10 mins This simple Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce was made for pork, but...

Kansas City BBQ Sauce Recipe

Makes approximately 3 Cups | Total Time: 20 mins A simple version of a classic Kansas City style...

South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce Recipe

Makes a little less than 3 Cups This sweet and tangy take on the traditional South Carolina Must...

BBQ Sauce Recipes - All Purpose Seasoning Recipes

South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce Recipe This sweet and tangy take on the traditional South Caro...
BBQ Recipes

BBQ Recipes - Grill Recipes

Our favorite BBQ sauce recipes, BBQ dry rub recipes and All Purpose Seasoning Recipes that help y...
Chris Lilly

Chris Lilly - Memphis in May - Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

Chris Lilly's influence spans many facets of BBQ including competition BBQ, restaurants, cookbooks, TV personality, product spokesman and retail products. On the competition circuit there has been no pitmaster with more success at Memphis in May in the Pork category. Lilly is a three time Memphis in May Grand Champion and seven time winner of the Pork category. Other competition accolades include Grand Champion of the American Royal Invitational, Reserve Grand Champion of the Jack
Backyard BBQer - Best BBQ Pitmaster

Backyard BBQer - Best BBQ Pitmaster

These weekend warriors of barbecue cooked billions of meals and hosted millions of backyard barbecues this year and spent billions of dollars on grills & smokers, charcoal, sauces, rubs and meats. They perused millions of recipes and product reviews in books, magazines and barbecue specific blogs like Amazing RibsGrill Grrrl, Grilling with Rich, and Embers & Flame and watched hours of shows on TV dedicated to BBQ like BBQ Pitmasters and Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction.  Perhaps the only thing more common than a Weber Kettle in the backyards of America is grass. 
Aaron Franklin Brisket

Aaron Franklin - Best Brisket in World - Franklin Barbecue

Aaron Franklin is in a league all by himself when it comes to accolades being showered upon a BBQ restaurant. You name the publication, from Bon Apetit to Texas Monthly to Food & Wine to the New York Times) and Franklin's Franklin Barbecue has probably been heralded as one of the top BBQ joints in America, if not the top BBQ joint in America
Steven Raichlen Barbecue Bible

Steven Raichlen - Barbecue Bible - Dean of Barbecue

Steven Raichlen is the most prolific author of BBQ themed cookbooks and one of the most prolific hosts of BBQ themed cooking shows. Steven Raichlen's influence on the backyard BBQer can't be understated as his books have been purchased by millions of readers and his shows have been watched by millions of viewers. 
Tuffy Stone BBQ Pitmasters

Tuffy Stone - BBQ Pitmaster Who Wins, and Wins and Wins

Tuffy Stone - the Mariano Rivera of barbecue. When you see Rivera come out of the bullpen you know there is little doubt he's going to get the job done. The same can be said for Tuffy Stone - when you see him pull up at a contest you are pretty certain that he's going to win.
Johnny Trigg BBQ Pitmasters

Johnny Trigg - Godfather of BBQ

Johnny Trigg. Today we continue the countdown of the Most Influential People in BBQ with the 19th...
Myron Mixon BBQ Pitmaster

Myron Mixon - BBQ Pitmaster

Myron Mixon. Today we continue the countdown to the Most Influential Person in BBQ with the 5th most influential person in BBQ. Coming in as the 5th Most Influential Person in BBQ is pitmaster of Jack’s Old South, judge on BBQ Pitmasters and cookbook author, Myron Mixon.