Pork Barrel BBQ has been thrilling the taste buds of barbecue fans across the country – from backyard grillers to professional pitmasters – with our line of national award winning sauces and rubs since our founding in 2008. Our products are created from the best ingredients and are gluten free and contain no high fructose corn syrup, MSG or preservatives. We believe they are the best BBQ sauces and rubs on the market, but don’t take it from us, take it from our customers and critics.

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What are the professional food critics saying about Pork Barrel BBQ?

  • Cook’s Illustrated – “Pork Barrel Original BBQ Sauce, delivered. With generous additions of vinegar, salt and chili paste along with liquid smoke, it was tart, spicy, and more savory than sweet. It also had enough body to cling to…chicken.” They continued by naming it their “Supreme BBQ Sauce” and saying, “This ‘big, bold’ winner boasted a ‘robust,’ ‘vinegar’ kick.”
  • Men’s Health Magazine – Named our Original BBQ Sauce the Best BBQ sauce in America and one of the “125 Best Foods for Men” and proclaimed everyone should “slap this relatively low-calorie sauce on chicken just minutes before it comes off the grill for a tangy, smoky flavor, or drizzle it over a roast-pork sandwich.”
  • Men’s Health Magazine – In their Great Bottled BBQ Sauce Taste Test had this to say about our Original BBQ Sauce. “If you like your sauce smoky, go with Pork Barrel. This D.C.-based company brings a deeply aromatic flavor, pumped up by cloves, ginger, and allspice. Forget lemon-pepper. Shelve the garlic salt. Ditch the Italian marinade. This is your go-to flavor sidekick for chicken off the grill.” 
  • Country Living Magazine – Named our Sweet BBQ Sauce to their list of “The Best Barbecue Sauce in the Country.”

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What are food bloggers saying about Pork Barrel BBQ?

  • BBQ Sauce Reviews – In regards to our Original BBQ Sauce said this, “The flavor was complex and sophisticated and not sweet to my taste buds…that gives it a salty, savory flavor with a bit of smoke and seasonings.” 
  • Scott Roberts – Had this to say about our Sweet BBQ Sauce. “Upon taking a bare lick of it, I sensed a beautiful balance of tomatoes, brown sugar and molasses with a mildly smoky hit…Finger lickin’ good, and it merits a 4 out of 5 score.” 
  • Sauce Authority – “I tried the Original Sauce on a pulled pork sandwich and it was even better than I anticipated. It gave the sandwich a great taste and you quickly realize why Pork Barrel has won so many awards with their sauces and rubs. I highly recommend this on any pulled pork or chicken, and I think it could even go well on a burger or anything on the grill.” 
  • BBQ Sauce Reviews – said this about our All-American Spice Rub. “The rub is so good I’ve replaced my go-to spice rubs with this fine all-purpose Nature’s Seasoning killer.”  
  • Tasty Sauces – Gives our Original BBQ Sauce 4 out of 5 stars and says, “…this sauce seems to suggest several different profiles which I enjoy. Nothing is too overpowering and it is an all-around good sauce.” 
  • BBQ Addicts – Says this about our Pork Barrel BBQ Mustard BBQ Sauce, “The mustard sauce is on the sweeter side as well, as there’s a nice honey flavor to balance the vinegar. A strong herb presence gives it a unique, but very tasty flavor.”
  • BBQ Sauce Reviews – Had this to say about our Sweet BBQ Sauce. “The flavor of the sauce is great – it has a deep dark sweetness that comes from the brown sugar and molasses with absolutely no vinegary tang. The flavors are complex, but mix well together. This is a typical KC style sauce executed well and to me, that means its best with chicken/beef/maybe even BBQ burgers.” 
  • Hot Sauce Daily – Calls our All-American Spice Rub, “Simply a top-notch rub from a great company.” 
  • Meatwave – Had this to say about our Pork Barrel BBQ Sweet BBQ Sauce. “A heavy hand of molasses mixed with a wide array of course spices define this sauce, whose uniqueness made it exciting to keep going back for more.”  
  • BBQ Addicts – Says this about our Pork Barrel BBQ Sweet BBQ Sauce, “It’s classically sweetened with a hearty dose of molasses, and there’s notes of herbs and spices that come together with a pleasant heat to create a balanced and extremely delicious flavor.” 
  • Tasty Sauces – Gives our Sweet BBQ Sauce 4.5 out of 5 stars and says, “The taste and aroma of this one is as advertised as it’s certainly sweeter than the Original variety. I am impressed with both of these sauces but I like the Sweet variety a little bit more.”  
  • The Q Review – Says, “In my opinion, Pork Barrel does just about everything right with their Mustard BBQ Sauce (and that’s coming from a guy who’s not a huge fan of mustard). The sauce doesn’t just have one note tang. With plenty of sweet and savory accents, Pork Barrel’s mustard has a little something for everyone.”  
  • Sauce Authority – Had this to say about our Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce. “I tried it as a salad dressing, and it was similar to using oil and vinegar dressing from a store, but much, much, much better. I used it on a chicken salad and I was very impressed! In fact, I am honestly thinking about substituting this sauce for any actual salad dressing from here on out, it was that good. It lingered throughout my mouth but it was an awesome taste and I highly recommend it for not only salads, but I think it could even go with a pasta or pepperoni salad, or I would even think it would go well with any type of chicken.”  
  • The Q Review – had this to say about our Pork Barrel BBQ All-American Spice Rub. “All-American BBQ Rub is one of the best spice blends I’ve had the pleasure of using. It’s versatile enough to use on red meats as well as poultry and seafood…I can’t really think of a food situation that wouldn’t benefit from a shot or two of All-American BBQ Rub.” 


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What are our customers saying about Pork Barrel BBQ?

  • Top Chef Contestant and author of Smoke & Pickles, Chef Edward Lee – Had this to say about our Pork Barrel BBQ Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce on Twitter. “@porkbarrelbbq #BBQ the vinegar sauce is finger licking man.”
  • Rex Holmes – “Just wanted to let you guys know that I tried the rub on a beer can chicken and it was excellent.”
  • @SeanMurphy79 – “The @porkbarrelbbq dry rub is my gift to family this Fourth of July. Love it on ribs.”
  • Jim, St. Louis, MO – “I used the All-American Spice Rub to grill chicken for my teenage daughters – they said it was the best chicken I have ever made – I’m a customer for life!”
  • Karen Lockhart – “I just wanted to compliment you on your excellent product. I recently received your All-American Spice Rub for a Christmas gift. I used it on a frozen pork roast and put it in a Crockpot to cook. The results were delicious. The roast came out wonderfully moist and seasoned. My guests loved the results also. 
  • Nona Pucciariello – “We are really enjoying your rub – I used it for grilling hamburgers the other night and plan to use it on some pork roast tonight – so getting good use of all that flavor. I am positive you guys will do amazingly well – great product with a terrific name.”
  • Anonymous from University City, MO – “I spent my life trying to create the perfect gourmet BBQ Sauce, and was given a jar of your Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce. I used it on chicken and couldn’t believe that such an amazing taste could come from a bottle – I immediately went to my refrigerator and threw out all the BBQ Sauce in it – yours will be the only BBQ Sauce I ever use – it’s the most amazing sauce I’ve ever tasted.”
  • Dian Colette Davit – “I was given a tin of the rub and have used it exclusively on salmon……fabulous!!!!! I have yet to use it on anything else as I have run out and it is time to reorder. Just fantatic and I am not a big fan of multi-flavoring seasoning. You have a winner 
  • Debbie Gurley – “Wow. It looks like your product is really taking off! I met you both at the Food and Wine Show at the National Harbor and I bought some of your All-American Rub. I’ve put it on everything including fish! Best of luck! I just know one day All-American Rub will be ALL OVER AMERICA!! And maybe beyond!”
  • Jill from Ft. Mill, South Carolina – “We happened to see your stint on Shark Tank – shortly after, our neighborhood store had your goods on display. We tried it, and LOVED it!! My husband is currently eating some sauce on his chicken and stated that it is his favorite sauce on the plant.”
  • Krista, Washington, DC – “Pork Barrel BBQ makes cooking a flavorful dinner on a time crunch easy. When I get home from work and want to throw dinner together I can take any piece of chicken, fish or beef, throw on some rub and cook it up. It is delicious, easy, and a staple in my cupboard.”


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What are food critics and diners are saying about our Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant?

  • Food & Wine Magazine – “Pork Barrel BBQ is known for amazing smoked brisket.”
  • The Washington Post – “Go for the St. Louis pork ribs, admirable for their well-seasoned meat that falls off the bone at the touch of your teeth. The slab is best eaten in the company of the terrific coleslaw, punched up with bell pepper, and creamy macaroni and cheese that comes with a kick from chipotle and jalapeno.”
  • Zagat – “Two former Senate staffers-turned-national BBQ champs run this Del Ray smoker dispensing ‘good Southern BBQ with some very tasty sides’…”
  • Cloture Club – “If you’re missing mid-western BBQ, we highly recommend you check out Pork Barrel BBQ.” 
  • @DIYDelRay – “Only thing getting me through this rainy day is thinking about @porkbarrelbbq for dinner tonight. #yum.” 
  • Dequello BBQ – “Good BBQ is about properly smoked meat, and this is where Pork Barrel BBQ really stands apart from would-be competitors. Brisket was moist, with a nice smoke ring and just tender enough that it holds together without crumbling…Pork was also tender and moist. But my favorite meat offering was the smoked sausage, which had just the right amount of spice and was very juicy.”
  • @KateOH – “Had an awesome dinner @porkbarrelbbq…Stuffed with yumm in Alexandria, VA!”
  • @mlswann – “I come from the BBQ capital of Lex NC so I don’t say this lightly, @porkbarrelbbq is AWESOME. Run don’t walk to Del Ray! #stillfull #soyum.”
  • Nick Ruggiero – “Awesome food!!! I grew up in NYC and was dying for a great place to eat in Alexandria, and now IT’S HERE!! Anyone that’s waiting to come enjoy this food – STOP WAITING! PS: try the Mac and Cheese. Yume e.”
  • @Nat_225 – “Went to the new @porkbarrelbbq in Del Ray. Holy #brisket it was delicious (and I have high Texas BBQ standards)!!”
  • @DCEmpanadas – “Had dinner @PBBBQDelRay ribs, chicken & sausage were AMAXING! Sides: Loved baked beans & potato salad can’t wait to go back with @bbqbusdc.”
  • @babylonia – “@joebondi @PBBBQDelRay aaaand have just emerged from food coma. Magical illegal substance-good. Get the macNcheese. Did I detect jalapenos?”
  • Eric Horton – I brought 8 people w/me last night to try the food…PB BBQ has 8 new regulars. Food was off the chain. Spread the word! Ther’s finally great BBQ in OVA!!!
  • @jhatt – “@PBBQDelRay great pulled pork sandwich and the mac and cheese was #awexome can’t wait for my next visit. #yum”
  • Grilling with Rich – “Not only was the food amazing and true to barbecue, the dining atmosphere was a place where I can see myself spending countless hours during the weekend watching the latest football game or even baseball game during the summer. The Restaurant was open and inviting and carried the vision of a true barbecue experience.”
  • @delraytaco – “Wow. Just had killer Pulled Pork Sandwich from @PBBQDelRay. Thought I was in Carolina for a minute.”
  • @ScottGKraft – “Made it over to the @porkbarrelbbq new restaurant in Del Ray. Awesome meal…great new neighbor.”
  • @LenPanek – “Still thinking about the brisket I had at @PorkBarrelBBQ. Everything I had was fantastic…I will definitely be a regular…Great job!”
  • Paul Vogel – “Wow! I am stuffed! You guys are doing BBQ like you’ve done it for 45 years!
  • Suburban Food Nerd – “The pulled pork stands on its own. The meat is tender, juicy, slightly smoky and beautifully pulled into bite size morsels. It is not overly seasoned as some BBQ can be, allowing the inherent porkyness of the meat to shine.”
  • @MrChristianJosi – “@pbbbqdelray good lord you guys – was expecting this sh*t to be good. Was not expecting LIFE CHANGING BBQ!”
  • @msjgirl21 – “Great BBQ! Best in the area. I could eat a whole tub of your Collard Greens!”



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