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Steak has always joined it’s colleagues hamburgers and hot dogs as Kings of the Backyard Grill, but until recently it was rare (not medium-rare, just rare) to find a steak cookoff in most corners of America. For as long as live fire competition cooking has been around ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, whole hog and brisket have been the undisputed Kings of the Competition BBQ and Grilling world. That seems to be changing as steak is asking the traditional competition BBQ cuts to make way and MOOve over! It is still to be seen if steak can unseat the standard competition meat categories found at a KCBS or MBN contest, but one thing is certain, steak is quickly making its move to at least join them as an undisputed King of the Competition BBQ and Grilling world.

The Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) is the organized body “dedicated to building the sport of steak cookoffs.” Much like KCBS or MBN, all SCA sanctioned cookoffs have a representative on site at each sanctioned cookoff who’s job it is to run the judging and support the teams. This combined with a standardized set of rules have lead to the growth of the sport of steak cookoffs. In 2015 there were sanctioned SCA cookoffs in 11 states with plans to expand to an additional 4-9 states in 2016. In addition to the sports rapid growth in the US in 2015, there were 3 SCA sanctioned cookoffs in the Netherlands and there are plans to increase international participation in 2016 with events in Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Belgium and the Caribbean. The SCA has set a goal of 100 events in 2016, which shows just how rapidly the popularity of steak cookoffs is growing.

CL - Steak

With world class BBQ pitmasters like Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson BBQ keep their smokers in storage for a weekend in favor of breaking out a grill to compete in a steak cookoff you know the future is bright for steak cookoffs in America. Don’t be surprised if you see a steak cookoff in your area in 2016 and beyond.

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