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The World Food Championships is the largest competition in the food sports world, where champions from nine categories (BBQ, Bacon, Burger, Desert, Recipe, Pasta, Seafood, Sandwich & Chili) compete for a share of a $350,000 prize purse. 2015’s Championships, the fourth annual, invited champions from the largest and most prestigious food competitions around the world were invited to Kissimmee, FL in November to compete for a chance at the $100,000 grand prize. This years World Food Champion, The Smoking Hills, came from the BBQ category, making BBQ the supreme cuisine in the all the land!   

WFC - Winner 2

 What a year 2015 turned out to be for The Smoking Hills. In addition to winning the World Food Championships, they were the winners of the 2015 American Royal Invitational. Congratulations to The Smoking Hills on their World Championship and shinning the light even brighter on BBQ.

On December 25th we’ll unveil the 6th biggest BBQ Story of 2015. The biggest BBQ Story of 2015 will be announced on December 30th.

To date we’ve announced the 8th through 10th biggest BBQ Story of 2015. 

#8 – Fire Up The Grill, Steak Cookoff Popularity Sizzles

#9 – Out of the Ashes Dave Anderson Rises With Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse

#10 – BBQ Continues To Be A Force On TV

Come back tomorrow and we’ll announce the #6 BBQ Story of 2015.