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If you’re like us, and we know many of you are, you’re a BBQ entrepreneur who at some point was told by a family member or neighbor that, “your BBQ Sauce is the best I’ve ever had.” It doesn’t get much better than hearing those magical words. For many of us, it had led us to take our secret recipe, that was once only available at our backyard BBQ or as gifts packed with care at Christmas in recycled bottles, to the shelves of grocery stores around the country. It doesn’t take long for any of us to realize just how competitive the commercial barbecue sauce market is and how expensive it is to stay on the shelves while you build your brand. In the end we have one of two goals: 1) Build a powerhouse brand that becomes generational, something we can pass down to our children and they theirs or 2) Build a commodity that is sought after by larger brands and cash out. Both laudable goals, but easier said than accomplished. When we see a BBQ brand accomplish one or both of these goals, that’s reason for the rest of us to celebrate and know the hope remains alive for us to one day bask in the glory of attaining our goal.

In June McCormick & Co. agreed to purchase Stubb’s BAR-B-Q, for $100 million in cash. Congratulations to Stubb’s and here’s to the hope each of us BBQ entrepreneurs maintains that someday we may be so fortunate! 

On December 29th we’ll unveil the 2nd biggest BBQ Story of 2015. The biggest BBQ Story of 2015 will be announced on December 30th.

To date we’ve announced the 4th through 10th biggest BBQ Story of 2015. 

#4 – We’ve Moved, The American Royal Moves to Arrowhead Stadium

#5 – You Don’t Know Jack, But Tuffy Stone Does – Cool Smoke Wins Second Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

#6 – Merry Christmas Year Round, BBQ Gives Back

#7 – On Top of the World, BBQ Wins World Food Championships

#8 – Fire Up The Grill, Steak Cookoff Popularity Sizzles

#9 – Out of the Ashes Dave Anderson Rises With Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse

#10 – BBQ Continues To Be A Force On TV

Come back tomorrow and we’ll announce the #2 BBQ Story of 2015.