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jim burg

A person’s true colors can best be measured in times of crisis and need, especially when their participation in an effort to help is purely voluntary. Of all the groups of people we have been associated with over the course of our lives, we can, without hesitation, say that none are more caring and generous with their time and resources than our BBQ Family.  Even as I type this, countless BBQer’s are deploying with Operation BBQ Relief to storm ravaged areas of Texas and Mississippi (if you want to donate to OBR click HERE). In 2015, the BBQ Family didn’t just help tens of thousands of strangers with a warm meal or shoulder to cry on, we helped one of our own.

Jim Burg, one of the best guys you’ll ever meet and one of our BBQ brothers, fell ill at a competition in April and after being rushed to the hospital was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and doctors weren’t sure he’d make it. The good news, Jim wasn’t listening to the doctors and wasn’t ready to leave his family and friends (I’m sure he had some briskets in the freezer that needed to be smoked too!). Over the past eight months Jim has been in and out of the hospital, but is making progress in the right direction. He even felt good enough to make the trek to Lynchburg, TN in October to cook the Jack!

As you can imagine, eight months of medical bills doesn’t come cheap and BBQ’ers around the country have been doing everything they can possibly do to help offset as much of the cost as possible. In July a group of BBQ’ers led the Burg BBQ Benefit and Concert and through the generous donations of many raised a large amount of money to help Jim and his wife. Donations came pouring in from the likes of Snake River Farms, Clark Crew BBQ, Hot Wachulas BBQ, Traeger, Meadowcreek,  Yeti, BBQ Superstore, Atlanta BBQ Store, BBQ Guru, Swamp Boys, Mojobricks, Thermapen,  Big Bob Gibson, Simply Marvelous, Smokin’ Hogz and Historic BBQ.


The efforts continue. We noticed a few weeks back that Swamp Boys BBQ auctioned off a spot in one of their upcoming BBQ classes. Thank you to everyone in the BBQ Family for once again proving in 2015 that there’s no family like the BBQ Family to take care of their own! 

If you’d like to help the Burg’s out please send us an email at and we’ll get your information to them.

The biggest BBQ Story of 2015 will be announced on tomorrow.

To date we’ve announced the 3rd through 10th biggest BBQ Story of 2015. 

#3 – Show Me The Money, Stubbs Sells for $100 Million Bucks

#4 – We’ve Moved, The American Royal Moves to Arrowhead Stadium

#5 – You Don’t Know Jack, But Tuffy Stone Does – Cool Smoke Wins Second Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

#6 – Merry Christmas Year Round, BBQ Gives Back

#7 – On Top of the World, BBQ Wins World Food Championships

#8 – Fire Up The Grill, Steak Cookoff Popularity Sizzles

#9 – Out of the Ashes Dave Anderson Rises With Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse

#10 – BBQ Continues To Be A Force On TV

Come back tomorrow and we’ll announce the #1 BBQ Story of 2015.