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This is the third in a twelve week series where we are unveiling the Pork Barrel BBQ Guide to a BBQ Christmas, which highlights our twelve favorite Christmas gift ideas for the barbecue lover in  your life!

On the second day of BBQ Christmas,
my true BBQ love sent to me
A PigTailFood Flipper 

If it’s between 11:30 and noon at a BBQ contest you can be certain that the Pork Barrel BBQ competition BBQ team has their PigTail Food Flipper out and in full use during our chicken prep. The PigTail Food Flipper is a simple, but incredibly useful tool that eliminates much of the hassles of moving and turning food on your grill or smoker. The PigTail’s sharp spiraled snare enables any pitmaster to lightly move or flip their food by lightly piercing the edge of the food and flicking your wrist.

The PigTail Food Flipper does not bleed or bruise meats and can handle anything from a brisket to a hot dog! It comes in two sizes, a 19-inch and a 12-inch. The PigTail Food Flipper 12-inch model retails for $12.95, the 19-inch model retails for $16.95 or you can buy a set for as low as $24.95, which makes for an affordable, yet surely appreciated gift for any BBQ lover!

Check back next week when we unveil what our true BBQ love is giving on the fourth day of BBQ Christmas!! Here is a hint- Membership is a must!

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On the first day of Christmas, my true BBQ love gave to me A Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter.

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