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This is the sixth in a twelve week series where we are unveiling the Pork Barrel BBQ Guide to a BBQ Christmas, which highlights our twelve favorite Christmas gift ideas for the barbecue lover in your life!

On the sixth day of BBQ Christmas,
my true BBQ love sent to me
A Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

The name Weber is as synonymous in the world of BBQ as Schwinn is in the world of cycling. The first things that come to mind when Weber or Schwinn are brought up in conversation is affordable and quality. For the money, you can’t find better products for the pitmaster in your life than those being produced by Weber.

Weber has grown and expanded it’s line of quality products over the years beyond the iconic Kettle that graces just about every backyard in America and entered the world of serious smokers with its versatile and easily portable Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker (simply known as the WSM in the world of competitive BBQ). The WSM comes in two sizes, the 18.5″ (which sales for around $300) and the 22.5 “ (which sales for around $400).

One word of advice – spend the extra hundred bucks and go with the larger sized WSM. Your pitmaster will be thankful for the extra space that will give them the ability to smoke four good sized briskets, four to six pork butts and as many as 12-14 slabs of ribs with a large rib rack.

Each WSM smoker features:

  • A porcelain-Enameled Lid and Bowl
  • Aluminum Fuel Door
  • Heavy Duty Cooking Grates
  • Water Pan
  • Built in Thermometer

Weber Smokey Mountains are available at all Weber dealers as well as online at Amazon and Target. These are the very smokers that we started cooking competition BBQ on. We highly recommend them!!!

Check out The Virtual Weber Bullet website for just about anything related to the WSM’s!

Check out our blog post on our first cook with a WSM from a couple years back here.

Check back next week when we unveil what our true BBQ love is giving on the seventh day of BBQ Christmas!! Here is a hint – Don’t know what to grill, we got you covered!

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