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Over the next twelve week’s we will be unveiling the Pork Barrel BBQ Guide to a BBQ Christmas which will highlight our twelve favorite gift ideas for the barbecue lover in your life!

On the first day of BBQ Christmas,
my true BBQ love sent to me
A Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter

If the barbecue lover in your life wants to become the next great pitmaster it’s time you encouraged them to throw out the lighter fluid and begin lighting their charcoal the way the pros do with a charcoal chimney.

What’s a charcoal chimney you ask?  A charcoal chimney lets you quickly light charcoal without having to use any lighter fluid, ensuring from the start that your food tastes like food and not lighter fluid! Now that is a good thing!

To use the charcoal chimney you simply place newspaper in the bottom compartment of the chimney and fill the top compartment with charcoal and light the newspaper through the vents at the bottom.  A short 15 minutes later your charcoal is ready for cooking!

There are several benefits to lighting your charcoal this way: 1) its faster – you’ll have hot coals in an instant; 2) there is no need for lighter fluid – meaning your food won’t taste like chemicals.  Bottom line – you’re cooking faster and it tastes better!  A charcoal chimney will cost between $15 and $20 and will last for three to five BBQ seasons depending on how frequently you use it making it an awesome stocking stuffer or Christmas gift. Add in the fact that you’ll be eating tastier food next year and it’s like you’re giving yourself a gift too!!

Check back next week when we unveil what our true BBQ love is sending on the second day of BBQ Christmas!! Here is a hint – looks like the temperature is just right on that brisket!