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Our good friend Leslie Haywood and fellow Shark Tank alumni has a great grilling accessory called Grill Charms.  Think wine charms, but for the grill!!!

Leslie came up with the idea for Grill Charms at a dinner party she was hosting when her husband served her an extra hot Jamaican Jerk piece of chicken instead of the mild one she had requested – he had forgotten which piece was which on the grill.  Since this event goal has been to “insure every American gets what they want – how they want it – hot off the grill.”

How do you use Grill Charms?  Grill Charms can be used prior to grilling by placing the charm in the meat or vegetable to indicate temperature, level of food seasoning and spice or to address health or allergy concerns.  Leslie likes to say that, “Your food is personalized before, during and after it’s cooked.”

Grilling season is just around the corner – make sure you check out Grill Charms.  Pork Barrel BBQ and Grill Charms are a perfect combination for any great BBQ!!!  Check out Leslie’s appearance on Shark Tank!