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Award Ribbons

There are over 317,000,000 people in America and the vast majority of them are part of the barbecue community. According to a 2011 study conducted by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, 86% of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker and 99% of them used them at least once in the past year. These grills and smokers were used everywhere – backyards, campgrounds, tailgate parties, restaurants, etc… Even if you don’t own a grill or smoker, millions more of us attended a backyard barbecue, a tailgate party or ate at a BBQ restaurant. Look in just about anyone’s refrigerator or pantry and you’ll find a bottle or two of barbecue sauce. The simple fact is just about all of us that make up the more than 317,000,000 Americans participate in the world of BBQ.

On December 7th we’ll kickoff a daily series inspired by Forbes magazine’s annual list of “The World’s Most Powerful People” that attempts to identify the 25 most influential people in the world of BBQ in 2013. Factors that we’ve taken into account in developing our list include:

  • Contributions to the growth of BBQ as an American institution.
  • Contributions to the growth of BBQ as an industry.
  • Professional Success.
  • Competition Success.
  • Visibility within and outside the BBQ community.
  • Name recognition.  
  • Innovation.
  • Longevity.
  • Financial Impact on the BBQ Industry

On Saturday, December 7th we’ll unveil the 25th Most Influential Person in BBQ. We’ll unveil a new member of our Most Influential Person in BBQ list each day through the end of the year and we’ll crown The Most Influential Person in BBQ on Tuesday, December 31st.  

Will you make the list? Will someone you find deserving fall short of the top 25? Will you disagree with someone listed in the top 25? Check the Pork Barrel BBQ Blog daily now through December 31  and contribute to the discussion by adding comments to each days post!

Who is the Most Influential Person in BBQ? Find out on December 31 when we reveal the Most Influential Person in BBQ!