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Today we conclude the countdown to the Most Influential Person in BBQ with the Most Influential Person in BBQ. Coming in as the Most Influential Person in BBQ is the Backyard BBQer.


In the post announcing we were going to be revealing our list of the 25 Most Influential People in BBQ we noted that there are over 317,000,000 people in America and the vast majority of them are part of the barbecue community to some degree. Some are competition BBQ pitmasters, some are restaurateurs, others are makers of commercial sauces and rubs, but all of these folks and millions more are Backyard BBQer’s. According to a 2011 study conducted by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, 86% of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker and 99% of them used them at least once in the past year. These weekend warriors of barbecue cooked billions of meals and hosted millions of backyard barbecues this year and spent billions of dollars on grills & smokers, charcoal, sauces, rubs and meats. They perused millions of recipes and product reviews in books, magazines and barbecue specific blogs like Amazing Ribs, Grill Grrrl,  Grilling with Rich, and Embers & Flame and watched hours of shows on TV dedicated to BBQ like BBQ Pitmasters and Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction

 Weber Kettle

Perhaps the only thing more common than a Weber Kettle in the backyards of America is grass. The Backyard BBQer enormous pocketbook makes them the greatest influencer of the success or failure of numerous barbecue related business. Each year new grills and smokers hit the market vying for a place in the backyards of the American BBQer – some will succeed and others will fail in large part due to the reception they receive from the Backyard BBQer. Grocery stores across the country have shelves filled with dozens of BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs that fight each and everyday to hold onto and grow their share of the market that is controlled by the Backyard BBQer. It seems appropriate that the most American of foods – barbecue – is influenced the most by not a single individual, but by the Backyard BBQer, who makes up a great percetnage of the entire American population. If you’re a part of the BBQ world and hoping to make an impact, you’d better figure out a way to get the Backyard BBQer on your side for they are the most important influencer in the world of BBQ! 

The 25 Most Influential People in BBQ in 2013 are:

1st – The Backyard BBQer, You the Backyard BBQer

2nd – Bobby Flay, Food Network, Restaurateur & Cookbook Author 

3rd – John Markus, TV Producer 

4th – Dave Anderson, Famous Dave’s & Cookbook Author

5th – Myron Mixon, Jack’s Old South & BBQ Pitmasters

6th – Carolyn Wells, KCBS

7th – Tuffy Stone, Q Barbeque, Cool Smoke & BBQ Pitmasters

8th – Competition BBQ Pitmaster

9th – Mike Mills, 17th Street Bar & Grill & Apple City BBQ

10th – Stan Hays, Operation BBQ Relief

11th – Steven Raichlen, Cookbook Author & TV Host

12th – Jamie Geer, Jambo Pits

13th – Dave Raymond, Sweet Baby Ray’s

14th – Aaron Franklin, Franklin BBQ

15th – Chris Lilly, Big Bob Gibson BBQ

16th – Sterling Ball, Big Poppa Smokers

17th – Rod Gray, Pellet Envy & Eat Barbecue

18th – Brad Orrison, The Shed

19th – Johnny Trigg, Smokin’ Triggers

20th – Danielle Dimovski, BBQ Crawl & Diva Q

21st – Bill Arnold, Blues Hog Barbecue Company

22nd – Competition BBQ Judge

23rd – Melissa Cookston, Memphis Barbecue Co. & Yazoo’s Delta Q

24th – Adam Perry Lang, Daisy May’s BBQ, Barbecoa & Cookbook Author

25th – Ronnie Cates, Smoke on the Water Productions

Now that you’ve met the 25 Most Influential People in BBQ let us know what you think. Did we get it right? Did we leave someone off that you find deserving of residing on the list? How would you rearrange the list to arrive at a list of who you believe are the 25 Most Influential People in BBQ? Head over to the Pork Barrel BBQ Blog and join the discussion!

Have a safe New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year! Here is to 2014 being an amazing year for you and your family. As we start a new year and think ahead 365 days we wonder how this list will change over the coming year as new influencers make their impact on the world of barbecue and current influencers strive to maintain their influence over the world of barbecue. Get to work, you’ve got 11 months to elevate your game and make our 2014 list of the Most Influential People in BBQ!