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Restaurant Review – Lockhart Smokehouse in Plano, TX

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On a recent trip to Dallas I had an opportunity to have lunch at Lockhart Smokehouse. I’d heard plenty of good things and had a number of my BBQ friends recommend a stop at Lockhart Smokehouse when I was in Dallas – it didn’t disappoint! 



The entire menu looked amazing and the smell coming from the butcher station where the pitmaster was hand cutting orders was beyond amazing. Since I was in Texas I had to give the brisket a try and I was craving ribs so I went with brisket and ribs with a side of baked beans and mac & cheese along with large helpings of Texas BBQ’s favorite condiments, onions, pickles and jalapenos! 



The brisket was good, but the true stars of the meal were the ribs and mac & cheese. Lockhart’s ribs were among the best ribs I’ve ever had in my life. They had just the right amount of smoke and an excellent dry rub on them (it was simple yet complex with a strong cumin flavor that really complemented the ribs well). When you go, not if you go, you must get a couple of ribs! I’m still dreaming about them!!


There really isn’t much, if anything better than Hot BBQ and Cold Beer and if you find yourself in Dallas or Plano, TX and your craving some great BBQ look no further than Lockhart Smokehouse! I know I’ll be back the next time I’m in the area!


Restaurant Review – Review Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant

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Review Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant – we’re collecting them here!  We love to read feedback our our Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Food Blogs – also, please feel free to share your thoughts by emailing us at porkbarrelbbq AT  Our BBQ restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia has only been open a short time, but here are some of the early reviews from folks on social media!  Hungry?  Download our Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant Menu

Kate O’Hare (@KateOH)
12/5/11 10:55 PM
Had an awesome dinner at @porkbarrelbbq … Stuffed with yumm in Alexandria, VA!DIY Del Ray (@DIYDelRay)

12/7/11 11:09 AM
Only thing getting me through this rainy day is thinking about @porkbarrelbbq for dinner tonight. #yum

JB (@unbreakstride)
12/7/11 3:39 PM
@NicoleAlon go go go, it’s great and pretty kid friendly, and my kids r nuts luv the brisket, baked beans & mac & cheese@porkbarrelbbq
Justin Herman (@JustinHerman)
12/7/11 1:07 AM
It was awesome: sorry I snatched a booth from the mayor RT @porkbarrelbbq @JustinHerman @dan_munz @yuda @cjoh hope#BBQSummit is going well!

Nat Vegel (@Nat_225)
12/3/11 7:34 PM
Went to the new @porkbarrelbbq in del ray. Holy #brisket it was delicious (and I have high Texas BBQ standards)!!

Lanier Swann (@mlswann)
12/4/11 6:55 PM
I come from the BBQ capital of Lex, NC so I don’t say this lightly. @porkbarrelbbq is AWESOME. Run don’t walk to Del Ray! #stillfull #soyum

WASHINGTONIAN.COM – Best Bites Blog – An Early Look At Pork Barrel BBQ – A Peek Inside Del Ray’s Newest Smoked Meats Palace

jhatt (@jhatt)
12/1/11 9:36 PM
@PBBBQDelRay great pulled pork sandwich and the mac and cheese was #awesome can’t wait for my next visit. #yum

mdphunk (@mdphunk)
11/30/11 9:21 PM
So @PBBBQDelRay was totally worth the wait! Amazing food and Stu the bartender was great. This will be an awesome neighborhood hangout

babylonia (@babylonia)
12/2/11 9:27 AM
@joebondi @PBBBQDelRay aaaand have just emerged from food coma. magical. illegal substance-good. get the macNcheese. did I detect jalapeños?

AnnaSpiegs (@AnnaSpiegs)

12/2/11 4:50 PM
We have some juicy BBQ pics from our time @PBBBQDelRay. Can’t wait to go back and give it a try!

pbyrnett (@pbyrnett)
12/2/11 6:10 PM
Well, hello, @ymsp82, y’all have got to come down here! Kid friendly!

ZAGAT.COM – Fork & Tell Blog – Our First Impressions and a Restaurant Review

scheuster (@scheuster)
12/2/11 9:33 PM
Turns out that even babies like the brisket @PBBBQDelRay#tasty

DCEmpanadas (@DCEmpanadas)
12/3/11 9:25 PM
Had dinner @PBBBQDelRay ribs, chicken & sausage were AMAZING! Sides:Loved baked beans & potato salad cant wait to go back with @bbqbusdc

DJMonnett (@DJMonnett)
11/30/11 3:48 PM
Pork Barrel BBQ – Our First Impressions and a Restaurant Review …: I mean, not only is the All-American Pork B…

MattDeLuca (@MattDeLuca)
11/30/11 10:51 PM
I did last night – damn good RT @jmartpolitico: Has anyone hit pork barrel bbq in del ray yet?

mrspodguski (@mrspodguski)
12/1/11 7:05 PM
Great dinner! (@ Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant w/ 4 others)

BeltwayBBQ (@BeltwayBBQ)
11/29/11 8:12 PM
Love the bar area, cozy and great ambiance

Len Panek (@LenPanek)
11/30/11 12:53 PM
still thinking about the brisket I had at @porkbarrelbbq. Everything I had was fantastic…I will definitely be a regular…Great job!

Scott Kraft (@ScottGKraft)
11/30/11 7:15 PM
Made it over to the @porkbarrelbbq new restaurant in Del Ray. Awesome meal…great new neighbor

ann m thompson (@AnnMT)

12/3/11 6:20 PM
Early dinner tonight at @porkbarrelbbq – delicious! And a delightful surprise to run into @dowrongright!




Pork Barrel BBQ Announces Opening of the First Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant

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Inaugural Restaurant Opens Tuesday in Del Ray Neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia

Washington, DC (PRWEB) November 29, 2011

Pork Barrel BBQ is pleased to announce it has fired up its smoker and will open the first Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant to guests tonight for dinner between 5:00pm and 10:00pm. Pork Barrel BBQ co-founders Heath Hall and Brett Thompson partnered with veteran restaurateurs “Mango” Mike Anderson and Bill Blackburn in 2009 with the goal of turning their dreams of creating a gathering place for the community centered around their national award winning barbecue into a reality.

The attention to detail and quality is ever present in the new restaurant. The owners literally have their hands in every detail from the hand-laid rock walls and columns to the one-of-a-kind beer tower constructed from sprinkler pipe by Blackburn himself. As for the barbecue, Hall and Thompson have climbed to the top of the professional competition barbecue circuit and racked up numerous awards for their ‘que and sauces since the restaurant groundbreaking ceremony in October 2009. Pork Barrel BBQ has earned a reputation for their consistency in producing high quality barbecue and side dishes alongside some of the world’s top pitmasters in the competition barbecue community.

“We are thrilled to be firing up the smoker and opening Pork Barrel BBQ’s doors to customers today,” said Hall. “Barbecue is more than just the food. In many ways it is the story of America with each region adding its flavor to the melting pot. It’s about community and fellowship. We want Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant to be a gathering place for this neighborhood and the entire Washington, DC community.”

Pork Barrel BBQ takes great pride in serving quality barbecue that will please barbecue lovers from the Carolinas to Memphis and Texas to Kansas City. All meats are seasoned with Pork Barrel BBQ’s award winning All-American Spice Rub and slow smoked over oak and hickory.

The menu includes Pork Barrel BBQ’s take on traditional barbecue meats and side dishes. Customers can order ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken and sausage as a sandwich, platter or by the pound. Side dishes include BBQ baked beans, cole slaw, mac and cheese, smoked Ratatouille, collard greens, Texas caviar, potato salad and corn pudding.

Thompson and Hall are barbecue innovators who are, as Washington Post reporter Jim Shahin noted, on the brink of a new era. Since starting Pork Barrel BBQ in 2009, they’ve become the most recognizable winning entrepreneurs from ABC’s hit reality show Shark Tank, been featured on numerous television and radio shows, where they share their BBQ tips with the everyday backyard barbecuer, launched the world’s first barbecue-scented fragrance called Que cologne, started BBQ Backyard, a social media site and forum for the barbecue enthusiast, and are selling their award-winning sauces and spice rub in over 1,500 grocery stores across the nation. The Pork Barrel BBQ Competition Barbecue Team, led by pitmasters Hall and Thompson, has accumulated numerous notable awards including trophies for winning Grand Champion at the Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle, becoming the Perdue National Chicken Champion, and having been named the nation’s best BBQ sauce and one of the “125 Best Foods for Men” by Men’s Heath Magazine.

For more information about the Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant, visit and read about their latest updates and adventures on Facebook, Twitter (@porkbarrelbbq) and the company’s blog.

About Pork Barrel BBQ
Pork Barrel BBQ was founded in December 2008 during the peak of the economic crisis to prove that a company not owned or operated by the federal government could succeed, and that if you had a good idea, it was still possible to grab a piece of the American Dream. Pork Barrel BBQ founders, Heath Hall and Brett Thompson, ran the company out of the basement of their houses, selling their award winning BBQ products one bottle at a time. In less than one year, their Pork Barrel BBQ Sauces and Spice Rub were carried in over 1,000 stores in 40 states. Throughout their journey, they have stayed true to their mission – to unite the nation through the great tradition of BBQ, and bring bipartisan flavor to your next meal. The Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team entered its first contest, The Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle, in June 2009, and walked away with two trophies – Second Place in the “Nations Best BBQ Sauce Contest” and Fourth Place for their pulled pork in the Memphis In May portion of the contest. Since then, the team has won multiple awards, including the 2011 Perdue National Chicken Championship, the Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle in 2011, the “Chinet People’s Choice” award for best BBQ sauce in 2010 and other notable Memphis in May and Kansas City Barbecue Society BBQ competition accolades as well as having their Pork Barrel BBQ Original BBQ Sauce named Best Sauce in America and one of “The 125 Best Foods for Men” by Men’s Health Magazine in November 2010. For more information, visit or follow Pork Barrel BBQ on Facebook and Twitter (@porkbarrelbbq).


Pork Barrel BBQ Holds Del Ray Restaurant Open House and Listening Session

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We had a great Open House and listening session last evening, and we wanted to express our sincere thanks to those in attendance for their input, and for those who could not attend, share with you one of the major announcements about the Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant we made last evening.

We’ve spent the past several months listening to folks in the community seeking their input on the restaurant, and heard concerns expressed about our plans to use a wood smoker.  In response to these concerns, we announced yesterday that we’ve made a major change in the piece of equipment we are using – we will no longer be using a wood smoker, and instead are going with a state of the art gas version, that uses gas as the heat source, and only uses wood to add flavor – using only 1-3 pieces of wood per 12 hour cooking cycle – much less than the average fireplace or backyard grill.

We chose this gas cooker, even though it is significantly more expensive, because it is made specifically to address concerns raised by some in the community.  This cooker is manufactured by Southern Pride, and is in use in all 50 states, and in fact, is used in Times Square, especially made for cooking BBQ in urban high density areas.  The new cooker is both UL listed and UL (Environmental and Public Health) EPH approved.  There are still some concerns about this cooker and we’ll try to address those, so we’re still exploring the best option for this project.  We plan on being on the corner for a long time so we’re going to try to do it right from the start.

We also learned about some other concerns that we weren’t aware of.  We will restrict delivery drivers and any delivery service from using side streets.  Delivery drivers will be made to turn off engines during deliveries.  Delivery schedules will be made with the least amount of impact to traffic and the community.

There was a lot of positive feedback about some later hours in Del Ray to broaden the appeal of the Avenue to a wider audience.  We received a lot of feedback about this from the 30 somethings in the crowd.  We’ll be working with David Fromm from the Del Ray Citizens Association to organize an online survey about the Association’s desire on this matter.

We were very grateful for all the comments and input we received this evening, and we will continue this listening process.  We are excited for the Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant to be a part of the Del Ray community and really hope that this will be another family friendly meeting place for Del Ray.


Mike Anderson

Bill Blackburn

Brett Thompson

Heath Hall

Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant Making Progress!

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It’s a big day for the Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant – the first steel beam was attached this morning! We can’t wait to start serving our award winning BBQ in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia!

The first steel beam at the Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant

The first steel beam at the Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant

Pork Barrel BBQ Keeps Folks Warm at Del Ray Tree Lighting Ceremony

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Pork Barrel BBQ’s Mango Mike, Brett, Susan and Sawyer Thompson served up hot cups of apple cider outside the Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant currently under construction in the Del Ray Neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia – we had a great time catching up with friends and making new ones!

Pork Barrel BBQ's Biggest Fans!

Pork Barrel BBQ’s Biggest Fans!

Del Ray Christmas Tree Lighting

Del Ray Christmas Tree Lighting

Customer Testimonials – Thanks for All the Kind Words About Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce and Dry Rub!

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Taste of Del Ray

The greatest honor for us is when our customers send us an email, or call to tell us that they like our Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce or Dry Rub.  It’s been a great year, and our bar b que sauce and dry rub has been used on countless pulled pork, bbq ribs, chicken and veggie recipes this summer.  We are so thankful for your support and wanted to share what some of our customers are saying:

“We happened to see your stint on Shark Tank – shortly after, our neighborhood store had your goods on display.  We tried it, and LOVED it!!  My husband is currently eating some sauce on his chicken and stated that it is his favorite sauce on the planet.” – email from Jill, Ft. Mill, South Carolina

“I spent my life trying to create the perfect gourmet bbq sauce, and was given a jar of your Pork Barrel BBQ sauce.  I used it on chicken and couldn’t believe that such an amazing taste could come from a bottle – I immediately went to my refrigerator and threw out all the BBQ sauce in it – yours will be the only BBQ sauce I ever use  – its the most amazing sauce I’ve ever tasted” phone call from University City, Missouri.

“Pork Barrel BBQ makes cooking a flavorful dinner on a time crunch easy. When I get home from work and want to throw dinner together I can take any piece of chicken, fish or beef, throw on some rub and cook it up. It is delicious, easy, and a staple in my cupboard.” – Krista, Washington, D.C.

“I used the All American Spice Rub to grill chicken for my teenage daughters – they said it was the best chicken I have ever made – I’m a customer for life!” – Jim, St. Louis, Missouri

“I was given a tin of the rub and have used it exclusively on salmon…….fabulous!!!!! I have yet to use it on anything else as I have run out and is time to reorder. You have a winner.” – Dian, St. Louis, Missouri

Not only does our All American Spice Rub taste great – but it is all natural and contains no preservatives and no MSG. The rub is manufactured locally in Virginia to reduce its carbon footprint. Now whats more bipartisan than that?

Pork Barrel BBQ Shark Tank Audition Video

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The video that started it all!  Watch Pork Barrel BBQ’s Heath Hall and Brett Thompson on their Pork Barrel BBQ Shark Tank Audition Video. Includes special guests former Sen. Jim Talent, Rep. Max Sandlin, Rep. Ernest Istook, Media Personality Tucker Carlson and Top Chef contestants Carla Hall and Ariane Duarte.

Pork Barrel BBQ at the Little Lights Ignite the Light Banquet

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Pork Barrel BBQ was proud to sponsor the Little Lights Ignite the Light Banquet.  Thanks to our friend Izzy Ortega for introducing us to this great organization – to learn more visit  Here are some cool photos from the evening!

Happy Halloween! Check Out the Pork Barrel BBQ Pumpkin!

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Happy Halloween from Pork Barrel BBQ – be sure to fire up those grills!  Check out this amazing Pork Barrel BBQ Pumpkin carved by Rex Hall!

Pork Barrel BBQ Pumpkin carved by Rex Hall

Pork Barrel BBQ Pumpkin carved by Rex Hall

Pork Barrel BBQ