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Restaurant Review – Review Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant

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Review Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant – we’re collecting them here!  We love to read feedback our our Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Food Blogs – also, please feel free to share your thoughts by emailing us at porkbarrelbbq AT  Our BBQ restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia has only been open a short time, but here are some of the early reviews from folks on social media!  Hungry?  Download our Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant Menu

Kate O’Hare (@KateOH)
12/5/11 10:55 PM
Had an awesome dinner at @porkbarrelbbq … Stuffed with yumm in Alexandria, VA!DIY Del Ray (@DIYDelRay)

12/7/11 11:09 AM
Only thing getting me through this rainy day is thinking about @porkbarrelbbq for dinner tonight. #yum

JB (@unbreakstride)
12/7/11 3:39 PM
@NicoleAlon go go go, it’s great and pretty kid friendly, and my kids r nuts luv the brisket, baked beans & mac & cheese@porkbarrelbbq
Justin Herman (@JustinHerman)
12/7/11 1:07 AM
It was awesome: sorry I snatched a booth from the mayor RT @porkbarrelbbq @JustinHerman @dan_munz @yuda @cjoh hope#BBQSummit is going well!

Nat Vegel (@Nat_225)
12/3/11 7:34 PM
Went to the new @porkbarrelbbq in del ray. Holy #brisket it was delicious (and I have high Texas BBQ standards)!!

Lanier Swann (@mlswann)
12/4/11 6:55 PM
I come from the BBQ capital of Lex, NC so I don’t say this lightly. @porkbarrelbbq is AWESOME. Run don’t walk to Del Ray! #stillfull #soyum

WASHINGTONIAN.COM – Best Bites Blog – An Early Look At Pork Barrel BBQ – A Peek Inside Del Ray’s Newest Smoked Meats Palace

jhatt (@jhatt)
12/1/11 9:36 PM
@PBBBQDelRay great pulled pork sandwich and the mac and cheese was #awesome can’t wait for my next visit. #yum

mdphunk (@mdphunk)
11/30/11 9:21 PM
So @PBBBQDelRay was totally worth the wait! Amazing food and Stu the bartender was great. This will be an awesome neighborhood hangout

babylonia (@babylonia)
12/2/11 9:27 AM
@joebondi @PBBBQDelRay aaaand have just emerged from food coma. magical. illegal substance-good. get the macNcheese. did I detect jalapeños?

AnnaSpiegs (@AnnaSpiegs)

12/2/11 4:50 PM
We have some juicy BBQ pics from our time @PBBBQDelRay. Can’t wait to go back and give it a try!

pbyrnett (@pbyrnett)
12/2/11 6:10 PM
Well, hello, @ymsp82, y’all have got to come down here! Kid friendly!

ZAGAT.COM – Fork & Tell Blog – Our First Impressions and a Restaurant Review

scheuster (@scheuster)
12/2/11 9:33 PM
Turns out that even babies like the brisket @PBBBQDelRay#tasty

DCEmpanadas (@DCEmpanadas)
12/3/11 9:25 PM
Had dinner @PBBBQDelRay ribs, chicken & sausage were AMAZING! Sides:Loved baked beans & potato salad cant wait to go back with @bbqbusdc

DJMonnett (@DJMonnett)
11/30/11 3:48 PM
Pork Barrel BBQ – Our First Impressions and a Restaurant Review …: I mean, not only is the All-American Pork B…

MattDeLuca (@MattDeLuca)
11/30/11 10:51 PM
I did last night – damn good RT @jmartpolitico: Has anyone hit pork barrel bbq in del ray yet?

mrspodguski (@mrspodguski)
12/1/11 7:05 PM
Great dinner! (@ Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant w/ 4 others)

BeltwayBBQ (@BeltwayBBQ)
11/29/11 8:12 PM
Love the bar area, cozy and great ambiance

Len Panek (@LenPanek)
11/30/11 12:53 PM
still thinking about the brisket I had at @porkbarrelbbq. Everything I had was fantastic…I will definitely be a regular…Great job!

Scott Kraft (@ScottGKraft)
11/30/11 7:15 PM
Made it over to the @porkbarrelbbq new restaurant in Del Ray. Awesome meal…great new neighbor

ann m thompson (@AnnMT)

12/3/11 6:20 PM
Early dinner tonight at @porkbarrelbbq – delicious! And a delightful surprise to run into @dowrongright!




Pork Barrel BBQ To Compete In Pork In The Park (Salisbury, MD)

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Pork In The Park

The Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team is pleased to announce that Pork in the Park in Salisbury, MD will be our first contest of the 2010 season.

Pork in the Parkis sure to be a great time with over 100 competition teams expected to participate April 16-17 at Winterplace Park in Salisbury, MD.  Pork in the Park is the largest KCBS event on the East Coast and will see some of the best teams in the nation compete.  If you’re in the neighborhood stop by the Pork Barrel BBQ site and say hi.  While there you’ll also be able to visit Cool Smoke of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters Fame.  It should be a great time for the whole family!!!

More contest announcements coming soon!!

Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant Making Progress in Del Ray!

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In August of last year we announced that we had teamed with “Mango” Mike Anderson and Bill Blackburn, two of the area’s top restaurateurs, to bring the first Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant to the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia.  After a slow start on the restaurants construction that has been further hampered by all of the snow, we are pleased to announce that the future home of the first Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant is starting to look like a building.




Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant Taking Shape!

Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant Taking Shape!



The first Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant will be located in the heart of Del Ray on the corner of Mount Vernon Ave. and Oxford St. near The Dairy Godmother and Let’s Meat on the Avenue (where you can buy Pork Barrel BBQ Sauces and Rubs).

We are looking forward to a late spring/early summer opening and can’t wait to welcome you through our doors in the near future.  In the meantime be sure to stop by Mango Mike’s for a great meal and let us know if we can meet any of your catering needs!!

Meat Week 2010 – Pork Barrel BBQ Participating in Washington D.C. Meat Week 2010

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In celebration of Meat Week, The Del Ray Boys of BBQ (Heath Hall and Brett Thompson of Pork Barrel BBQ & Mike Anderson and Bill Blackburn of Mango Mike’s) are giving folks a taste (or two, or three) of the new Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant as part of the Washington D.C. Meat Week!

So what is Meat Week? Born in Tallahassee, Meat Week is a festival of smoked meats. For eight days, participants pay homage to that most original culinary combination – meat and fire. BBQ lovers have the opportunity to get together at a different barbecue establishment each night for a week as part of the Washington, D.C. Meat Week. At the end of the week (Meat Week That Is!), after lips have been licked and belts loosened, stories are swapped, awards are given, and plans are made to do it all again the next year as part of Meat Week 2011.

Learn more at or our awesome Meat Week 2010 sponsor Capital Spice at

Pork Barrel BBQ Meat Week

Here are some great links to recent coverage on Meat Week!

Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant Making Progress!

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It’s a big day for the Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant – the first steel beam was attached this morning! We can’t wait to start serving our award winning BBQ in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia!

The first steel beam at the Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant

The first steel beam at the Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant

Pork Barrel BBQ