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Huge storms hit Alexandria, Virginia and the Del Ray neighborhood last night, knocking out power, toppling trees and crushing several cars.  I have lived in Del Ray Virginia for 7 years, and I’ve never seen the area so damaged.  Mayor Bill Eulillestated that winds with gusts of 75 miles per hour struck the Del Ray and Old Town Alexandria area, causing more significant storm and weather damage that we received during Hurricane Isabelle and the massive snow storms from this winter.  It was actually very somber driving around the Del Ray neighborhood, which boasts some great places like the Dairy Godmother, Evening Star, Cheestique, St. Elmos (and soon Pork Barrel BBQ’s first restaurant), and surveying the damage from the thunderstorms that made Alexandria the epicenter of its wrath.  I took some photos and videos to show some of the storm damage, but they can’t capture how widespread it really is.  SEND US YOUR PHOTOS TO and we will add them to this post with photo credits.

Storm Wind Weather Damage Alexandria Del Ray

 Sever Storm Weather Alexandria Del Ray

Weather Storm Severe Washington D.C.

 Crushed Car in Alexandria from Storms Weather

weather crash tree

Storm Wind Weather Damage Alexandria Del Ray


Tree Weather Storm Damage

Tree Crashes Near Monroe Avenue

 Weather Damage Washington DC

Powerline Down on Monroe

 Major Damage to House