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Gates BBQToday we begin a regular feature where we review restaurants we’ve eaten at, and in particular highlight many of America’s top BBQ Joints.

Our first restaurant review, and one of our favorite BBQ Joints in America is Gates Bar-B-Q in Kansas City, Missouri.  Having lived in Kansas City for a number of years I am confident that I put a few members of the Gates family through college with the amount of money that left my wallet in exchange for a Mixed Plate, Beef on Bun, or Burnt End Sandwich.

Gates began providing great BBQ and some of the best BBQ sauce in the world to Kansas City in 1946.  Since its inception it has grown from a single restaurant in the early days to six restaurants throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area today.

Since 1975 BBQ enthusiasts have been able to purchase Gates Bar-B-Q sauces in retail stores as well as in their restaurants.  My advice to you is this, if you see Gates sauce in your local store buy a few bottles – you won’t be disappointed.  I personally like the Extra-Hot, but all of their sauces will put a smile on your face.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Kansas City area find a Gates Bar-B-Q and go have lunch or dinner.  In fact, if it weren’t for the other amazing BBQ Joints in Kansas City you might want to have lunch and dinner at Gates Bar-B-Q.  Once your foot is in the door you’ll be greeted by the familiar greeting of “Hi, may I help you?”  By all means let them help you to one of the best BBQ meals you’ll have in your life.

My advice to first timers is to go for the Mixed Plate – on the menu it comes with brisket, ham, ribs, fries, white bread and pickles, but you can ask them to substitute the two meats with any of their meats.  My personal favorite is double brisket, but you can also get turkey or pork.  If you’re not quite that hungry go for a sandwich – you won’t be disappointed.  As for sides I recommend the beans and thick cut fries.  With all this being said, don’t worry about what you order because everything is great!!!

For more information about Gates check out their website.

If you’ve had the fortune to eat at Gates Bar-B-Q let us know your thoughts on this Kansas City legend.  Why do you love Gates Bar-B-Q?  What is your favorite item on their menu?  What is your favorite memory of eating at Gates Bar-B-Q?  Any advice for a Gates Bar-B-Q rookie as they approach the menu?

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