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Charcoal Chimney

Besides your grill, the single most important BBQ tool you need to be a successful pit-master is a charcoal chimney!  What’s a charcoal chimney you ask?  A charcoal chimney lets you quickly light your charcoal without having to use any lighter fluid.  Ensuring from the start that your food won’t taste like lighter fluid is a good thing!

To use the charcoal chimney you simply place some old newspaper in the bottom and then fill the chimney with charcoal and then light the newspaper through the vents at the bottom of the chimney.  A short 15 minutes later your charcoal is ready for grilling!

There are several benefits to lighting your charcoal this way: 1) its faster – you’ll have hot coals in an instant; 2) there is no need for lighter fluid – meaning your food won’t taste like chemicals.  Bottom line – you’re cooking faster and it tastes better!  Charcoal chimnies cost about between 10 and 20 bucks and last for about five  BBQ seasons depending on frequently you use it.  Go pick one up today!

The charcoal chimney gets a 100 out of 100 rating for it’s ease of use and ability to allow every pitmaster to throw away their lighter fluid!

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