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Welcome to the new Pork Barrel BBQ website! With today’s launch we are excited to introduce a number of new features and many updates to the features you’ve come to love on Some of the new and updated website features we are most excited about include:

Updated Pork Barrel BBQ Blog

We’re very excited to introduce an updated Pork Barrel BBQ Blog and we’ve got big plans for it. Later this month and into early 2014 we plan to launch a number of new and regularly scheduled blog features including:

  • Product Review Monday – Beginning on December 16 we’ll post a Product Review blog post every other Monday. We’ll be reviewing everything from specialty foods to gadgets and grills. If you’ve got a product you’d like us to review email us at
  • Pitmaster Profile Tuesday – Beginning on December 17 we’ll post a Pitmaster Profile blog post every Tuesday. We’ll be profiling everyone who loves to BBQ from BBQ Legends to Professional Chefs to Backyard BBQer’s. If you know of a BBQ lover we should profile email us at
  • Guest Blogs & Recipes Wednesday – Beginning on January 8 it will be our goal to post a guest blog post or recipe at least every other Wednesday. If you have an idea for a guest blog post or recipe that you’d like to have posted on the Pork Barrel BBQ Blog please email us at
  • Cookbook Review Thursday – Beginning on December 12 we’ll post a Cookbook Review blog post every other Thursday. We’ll be reviewing the latest in BBQ cookbooks as well as cookbooks from some of our favorite chefs and up and coming chefs in other cuisines. If you are releasing a new cookbook and would like to have us review it please email us at
  • New Recipe Friday – Beginning on December 13 we’ll post a new recipe every Friday in our weekly New Recipe blog post. We’ll be posting more than just BBQ recipes (although we promise to post a lot of BBQ recipes as well) that we’re sure you and your friends and family will love!

In addition to these regular blog features we’ll be posting on special events, BBQ Competitions, interesting BBQ news, and so much more. If you’ve got an idea for a great blog post be sure to email us at

Updated Pork Barrel BBQ Online Store

We’ve completely redesigned the Pork Barrel BBQ Online Store making it easier for customers to find the products they are looking for and the answers to frequently asked questions. We’ve added easy to read nutritional facts, product testimonials and new product offerings. We even have three new Holiday Gift Pack offerings great for the BBQer in your life this Christmas!

New Pork Barrel BBQ Recipe Page

We cook a lot of meals each year, and it’s not all BBQ, and we get asked frequently for recipes. In the new Recipe Page of the website you’ll find recipes for drinks, snacks, appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, side dishes, desserts, canned goods and sauces & rubs among other things. In addition to including our favorite recipes we’ll be including recipes from noted pitmasters and chefs as well as recipes submitted to us by our loyal customers.

Check back frequently as we plan to add new recipes every week. If you’ve got a recipe using our Pork Barrel BBQ products that you would like to have posted on our Recipe Page email us at

Updated Store Locator

Are you looking to find your favorite Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce or Rub at a retailer near you? Our updated Store Locator is the place to go. It’s as simple as entering your address or zip code and a map with retailers in your neighborhood who carry Pork Barrel BBQ products will appear. 

New Events Page

If you’ve ever wondered where Pork Barrel BBQ is going to be you need not wonder any longer. Our new events page lists all of our upcoming events including grocery store demos, product sales, BBQ competitions, food shows, restaurant events, media appearances, cooking classes, charity events, vending events and so much more. 

New Links Page

We’re often asked for our thoughts on where to get information on BBQ, food, restaurants, products, BBQ contests and a lot of other things so we’ve added a page that lists some of our go to links on the internet.

Updated Media Page

We’ve updated our Media page to make it super easy to find the latest media coverage of Pork Barrel BBQ. On the updated page you’ll find a historical archive of Pork Barrel BBQ Press Releases, information on our appearance on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, our appearances on TV and Radio and in Print articles, a Pork Barrel BBQ Photo Gallery and selected Pork Barrel BBQ Videos. 

New Competition BBQ Page

We’ve added a page to highlight the adventures of our Pork Barrel BBQ Competition Team including a list of our awards and results, a map that highlights where we’ve cooked, information on our sponsors and the teams we sponsor and information on sponsorship opportunities.

Updated Restaurants & Catering Page

Our updated Restaurants & Catering Page is loaded with information about our restaurants and catering offerings. Check out our restaurant and catering menu, hours, reviews and information on our other restaurants, Holy Cow and The Sushi Bar.

New Vendors Page 

We’ve added a new page exclusively for current and perspective vendors that includes information on our products, product testimonials, sales documents, nutritional facts and a form for retail inquiries.

We hope you enjoy the new Pork Barrel BBQ website. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think by emailing us at and joining the conversation on the Pork Barrel BBQ Blog at!