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Top 10

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Pork Barrel BBQ countdown of the 10 biggest stories in BBQ in 2015. There is no question that BBQ continues to be HOT in America. New BBQ restaurants are popping up in ever part of our country, more people are firing up their grills and smokers in their backyard, the popularity of BBQ in pop culture, social media and traditional media continues to soar, and BBQ as a sport is getting bigger and better each year.

To sum up, these are the top ten stories we thought dominated BBQ in 2015:

#1 – Thanks to Aaron Franklin, BBQ is Equal Among Peer Cuisines – Franklin Wins James Beard Award

#2 – BBQ Takes Care of Our Own – #TEAMBURG

#3 – Show Me The Money, Stubbs Sells for $100 Million Bucks

#4 – We’ve Moved, The American Royal Moves to Arrowhead Stadium

#5 – You Don’t Know Jack, But Tuffy Stone Does – Cool Smoke Wins Second Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

#6 – Merry Christmas Year Round, BBQ Gives Back

#7 – On Top of the World, BBQ Wins World Food Championships

#8 – Fire Up The Grill, Steak Cookoff Popularity Sizzles

#9 – Out of the Ashes Dave Anderson Rises With Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse

#10 – BBQ Continues To Be A Force On TV

Now we want to hear from you. Leave a comment below to let us know if you agree with our list. Let us know if we missed something that should have been in the top ten or if we included something that should have been left off, moved down the list or up the list. We want to know what your Top 10 BBQ Stories of 2015 are!

Have a safe New Years Eve and a Happy New Year! We can’t wait to see what BBQ and BBQer’s have in store for 2016!!