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We had a great Open House and listening session last evening, and we wanted to express our sincere thanks to those in attendance for their input, and for those who could not attend, share with you one of the major announcements about the Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant we made last evening.

We’ve spent the past several months listening to folks in the community seeking their input on the restaurant, and heard concerns expressed about our plans to use a wood smoker.  In response to these concerns, we announced yesterday that we’ve made a major change in the piece of equipment we are using – we will no longer be using a wood smoker, and instead are going with a state of the art gas version, that uses gas as the heat source, and only uses wood to add flavor – using only 1-3 pieces of wood per 12 hour cooking cycle – much less than the average fireplace or backyard grill.

We chose this gas cooker, even though it is significantly more expensive, because it is made specifically to address concerns raised by some in the community.  This cooker is manufactured by Southern Pride, and is in use in all 50 states, and in fact, is used in Times Square, especially made for cooking BBQ in urban high density areas.  The new cooker is both UL listed and UL (Environmental and Public Health) EPH approved.  There are still some concerns about this cooker and we’ll try to address those, so we’re still exploring the best option for this project.  We plan on being on the corner for a long time so we’re going to try to do it right from the start.

We also learned about some other concerns that we weren’t aware of.  We will restrict delivery drivers and any delivery service from using side streets.  Delivery drivers will be made to turn off engines during deliveries.  Delivery schedules will be made with the least amount of impact to traffic and the community.

There was a lot of positive feedback about some later hours in Del Ray to broaden the appeal of the Avenue to a wider audience.  We received a lot of feedback about this from the 30 somethings in the crowd.  We’ll be working with David Fromm from the Del Ray Citizens Association to organize an online survey about the Association’s desire on this matter.

We were very grateful for all the comments and input we received this evening, and we will continue this listening process.  We are excited for the Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant to be a part of the Del Ray community and really hope that this will be another family friendly meeting place for Del Ray.


Mike Anderson

Bill Blackburn

Brett Thompson

Heath Hall