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I’ve always been a purist when it comes to grills and smokers – we built Pork Barrel BBQ¬†on this purist mentality. I was always of the thought that it can’t be pure if it doesn’t run on wood or charcoal – gas and electric is cheating and won’t give you the same flavor of a “Real” grill or smoker! I’m certainly not turning in my Weber’s, Lang’s, etc… for a gas grill, but I’m starting to understand that there can be a place in this world for a gas grill. I decided to jump feet first into the world of gas grills this past fall when I bought my first one, a Weber Summit S-670. I have to say that after a few months and a few cooks I’m very happy with the resulting meals that have come off it’s grates and rotisserie. If you are looking to get a gas grill I highly recommend the Weber Summit S-670.

Wondering what it takes to put one together? Check out this video of the assembly process.