Participate in 2012's most definitive Presidential Election Poll that's sure to have both candidates hoping to smoke their competition. Pundits and veteran pollsters agree that this election will be determined by a slim margin of votes. That margin, dare we say, is most likely going to be decided by YOU, the backyard BBQ'er and veteran Pitmaster.

Show your support by casting your vote in America's first, and completely legitimate, BBQ'ers straw poll by purchasing a BBQ'ers for Obama or BBQ'ers for Romney T-shirt or bumper sticker. Tally of sales for each nominee is guaranteed to predict the winner, as this straw poll has never been wrong in any previous election!

Voting results will be posted weekly, giving you timely feedback on who will be the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election. So vote soon and vote often!

Candidates are encouraged to publicly release their favorite BBQ recipes to the voters and eat more BBQ over the final weeks of the campaign in an attempt to sway the key remaining undecided group - BBQ Voters.

T-Shirt Bumper Sticker   T-Shirt Bumper Sticker
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