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It is hard to believe that the holiday season is here and families will be unwrapping gifts in just a few short weeks. Pork Barrel BBQ is excited to help make your quest to find the perfect gift for the BBQ lover in your life just a little easier this year. Part 2 of our 2013 Pork Barrel BBQ Holiday Gift Guide takes a look at 10 of our favorite Grills and Smokers that would make great gifts for any BBQer. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and much success in finding the perfect gifts for your BBQ lover!

Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM)

WSMsAt a price point of $299-$399 there is no better smoker on the market than Weber’s Weber Smokey Mountain. Simply known as the WSM in the world of competition BBQ, the WSM comes in two sizes, the 18.5″ (which sales for $299) and the 22.5″ (which sales for $399).  WSM’s are available at all Weber Dealers as well as online at Amazon and Target. These are the very smokers that we started cooking competition BBQ on. We highly recommend them!!

Jambo Pit

Jambo - 3

There can be no great barbecue without a great pit. In previous weeks we have given you some great recommendations for smaller pits, but if you are a serious BBQ fanatic you need a serious pit! If you are looking for a serious pit look no further than the Jambo Pit! Every Jambo is made one at a time from insulated fire boxes, torque flex axles, chrome wheels, white letter tires, custom coatings and paint to stainless steel hinges, handles and work surfaces – these pits are nothing short of works of art by master pitmaker Jamie Geer!

Pitmker BBQ Vault

Pitmaker Vault

The team at Pitmaker make some of the most functional and extreme smokers (some with TV’s) in the world of barbecue. The Pitmaker Vault is perfect for competition barbecue or backyard barbecues with enough capacity to cook an entire contest on or feed a hungry mob at next summers backyard barbecue. These pits aren’t cheap, but they won’t break the bank coming in around $3,250.

Weber Kettle

Weber Kettle

Where would the world of barbecue be without the invention of the Weber Kettle? Found in millions of backyards across America, the Weber Kettle is the most iconic American BBQ Grill and if you don’t have one in your backyard this may just be the grill for you this holiday season! As a proud owner of several Weber Kettles I fully endorse the product and encourage you to look into one for your next grill.  It is simple to use and diverse in its functionality.  Whether you are simply grilling hot dogs and burgers or smoking a brisket or turkey the Weber Kettle won’t let you down.  It comes in several sizes, but even the most common 18.5 and 22.5 inch surface area sized Weber Kettle’s can accommodate a meal for a small dinner party. The best part is all this versatility can be yours for under $100 and will last the most avid BBQ’ers 10 good years.  10 bucks a year isn’t bad for such an essential BBQ tool!

Big Green Egg


The Big Green Egg is widely acclaimed as the original American-designed ceramic cooker and was modeled after the ancient clay cooking device known as a kamado. The kamado was a clay vessel with a lid. Today’s Big Green Egg is a modern ceramic cooker with a history of producing amazing results for more than thirty years for the novice cook and the expert pitmaster alike The Big Green Egg is one of the most versatile cooking systems in the world functioning as a grill, an oven and a smoker! You can cook almost anything in it from steaks to pizzas to peach cobbler. Ranging in price from around $400 for the small to $1,200 for the Extra Large there is a price point for every buyer. To find a Big Green Egg dealer near you click here.

Lang 60

Shark Tank Filming - 38

When we decided to start cooking on an offset stick burner at BBQ competitions we turned to Lang Smokers. Over the years we ended up with two Lang 60’s and a Lang 84. For more than two years on the competition circuit we took home dozens of awards on these relatively inexpensive workhorses. Depending on how you want to outfit your Lang 60 you’ll pay between $2,800 and $4,800. The reverse flow technology on Lang Smokes produces some of the best tasting barbecue around.


Backwoods Party

Backwoods Smokers are about as common at a BBQ contest as chicken thighs and ribs. These are great pits that a lot of great pitmasters are using as they win GC after GC. The Party is the perfect size for backyard cooking or contests. It gives you the size needed to cook a competition and is light enough to move from competition to competition. You’ll be able to pick up a Party for around $1,500.


The Texas Grill

If you’re looking for a pellet cooker check out the line of pellet grills Traeger offers. Coming in just South of $1,000, the Traeger Texas Grill has the size to cook for your family while giving the pitmaster a chance to get some sleep while cooking big meats like brisket since there aren’t any logs that need to be added.

La Caja China

La Caja China

The La Caja China is a unique roasting box that can cook all kinds of meat in record time. You can cook a whole pig in the La Caja China in around four hours. Depending on the size you can put a La Caja China under your tree this year for $250 to $350.

Weber Summit

Weber Summit

If you’re looking for a gas grill look no further than the grand daddy of all gas grills, the Weber Summit. Quick and easy to use with an excellent rotisserie attachment that makes delicious rotisserie chicken and leg of lamb. The Summit comes in a number of sizes and ranges in price from $1,500 to $3,000.

We hope 2014 is a very Merry Grilling and Smoking year for you!