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We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Pork Barrel BBQ family, Art Richey. Art is joining Pork Barrel BBQ as a Media & ‘Cue-mmunications Contributor.

Art Richey – Pork Barrel BBQ Media & ‘Cue-mmunications Contributor


Art is a lifelong ‘cue connoisseur from a state that knows a thing or two about BBQ – the Great state of Alabama! Growing up in Northwest Alabama, Art did not have to travel far from home to develop his palate for pork. BBQ Mecca, Memphis, TN, is just a few hours up the road from Art’s childhood home and he and his family would embark on frequent weekend getaways during his childhood to fulfill their craving for the dry rub delicacy of Memphis BBQ. Art is definitely proud of growing up in North Alabama and brags about the deliciousness of his region’s famous “white” sauce: a mayonnaise-based barbecue sauce made famous by his favorite BBQ joint, Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Decatur, AL. (We’ve got our fingers crossed that our new Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant will come in a close second to his love for Big Bob Gibson’s!!) A fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Art and his dad shared the routines of most Bama fans across the country – Dreamland BBQ became a necessary stop before heading to Bryant-Denny Stadium for a great day of Alabama football.  The rumor in the Richey family is that as a baby, Art could finish a half slab of Dreamland ribs before he was able to say Roll Tide!

While Art’s upbringing showcases an impressive exposure to some of BBQ’s finniest establishments, Art is more notably known for his study of swine while a student at Birmingham-Southern College. In January 2009, Art and three of his fraternity brothers embarked on an academic road trip across the South to eat, analyze, study and write about the world of BBQ through food and travel writing. (Why again didn’t we attend Birmingham-Southern College – college credit for eating BBQ? That is a questions we’ll take to our graves.) This independent study, which was Art’s brainchild, took the “Southern BBQ Boys” to 21 restaurants in 5 states over the period of 18 days. Their study drew the attention of national media outlets, including Fox News and the Associated Press. While hours of BBQ knowledge was absorbed on this journey, Art’s obsession with BBQ is just getting started and he feels it will strengthen as he works to attain a level of BBQ wisdom that would rival any PhD of Pork.

Art will be posting regularly on his experiences as the “captain” of the Southern BBQ Boys and what he took away from their journey.  Topics will include the best BBQ spots in the South, what separates a great BBQ joint from a good one, and how to properly organize a BBQ road trip, among other things. In addition to providing his insights and recommendations for the road travelers across the globe, Art will be sharing his insights and experiences as he works to learn more about BBQ: cooking techniques, the history and cultural impact, evolution of BBQ in the 21st century, how to choose the right meat, cooking in your first BBQ contest, and much, much more.

Please join us in welcoming Art to the Pork Barrel BBQ family as our new Media & ‘Cue-mmunications Contributor!