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In celebration of Meat Week, The Del Ray Boys of BBQ (Heath Hall and Brett Thompson of Pork Barrel BBQ & Mike Anderson and Bill Blackburn of Mango Mike’s) are giving folks a taste (or two, or three) of the new Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant as part of the Washington D.C. Meat Week!

So what is Meat Week? Born in Tallahassee, Meat Week is a festival of smoked meats. For eight days, participants pay homage to that most original culinary combination – meat and fire. BBQ lovers have the opportunity to get together at a different barbecue establishment each night for a week as part of the Washington, D.C. Meat Week. At the end of the week (Meat Week That Is!), after lips have been licked and belts loosened, stories are swapped, awards are given, and plans are made to do it all again the next year as part of Meat Week 2011.

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Pork Barrel BBQ Meat Week

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