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Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume for Halloween? Are you really reading this on the Pork Barrel BBQ blog? Absolutely. We take ourselves very seriously (ok, maybe not so much), and always feel the need to comment when huge superstars wear meat costumes – but especially when folks across the nation are trying to dress like the Lady Gaga meat dress costume for Halloween! For those of you who missed it, Lady Gaga wore the outrageous dress to the VMAs (one of her 5 different outfits). Apparently, it was too late in the costume design season for any costumes to be created, so some folks are actually calling their local butchers asking for their help to recreate the costume for Halloween. We’d call our friends Steve Gatward at Let’s Meat on the Avenue in Del Ray, or Bill, Brian and Aaron Fuchs from Wagshals in Washington, D.C. for their advice (after all, Heath did wear a pig costume for Barbara Corcoran) – but they would laugh at us.  Thanks to an enterprising reporter in New Jersey – we have some amazing guidance.  Check out the video below, that includes funny video of the reporter asking butchers for their thoughts on creating Lady Gaga meat dress costume.  The best part?  How seriously they take the questions – you will learn a lot about why NOT to try to dress like Lady Gaga for Halloween!  Enjoy!

Gaga meat

Lady Gagas VMA Meat Dress