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Want to build your own BBQ Smoker? Here’s a great post from popular mechanics on how to build your own backyard BBQ smoker – I really liked their statement at the beginning of the post – you can cook good BBQ in anything – and that’s right – great BBQ is about taking the time, achieving a constant temperature, and having patience! ┬áThis post is a great 11 part post on step by step plans for building your own BBQ backyard smoker – so enjoy!

Build Your Own Backyard Smoker

Real barbecue involves cooking tougher, fattier cuts of meat like pork butt and beef brisket over a duration of 4 to 6 hours or longer at temperatures near the boiling point of water. The payoff: tough meat becomes flavorful and succulent, fat is rendered out and the low, smoky fire leaves the aroma of smoke permeating the meat. A good cook can make good BBQ in anything. I decided after years of working with a small water smoker–and recently acquiring a vacation house–to build one of my own. This project involves a lot of welding, but several wire-feed welders are sold at The Home Depot and Sears, and you can learn to do simple welding with only an hour or two of practice. Salvaged materials will be fine for your smoker’s frame. You can use old water pipe, rebar or even electrical conduit.

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How to Build a BBQ Smoker