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Fox & Friends

We had a great time in New York City yesterday with our good friends at Fox & Friends. Along with other BBQ Pitmasters from all over the country we helped Fox News celebrate National BBQ Month. 


During out segment we grilled up some tasty Steak Tacos with Charred Guacamole, Charred Tomato Salsa and BBQ Mexican Crema on our PK Grill with Grillgrates on a bed of Kingsford Charcoal and Mojobricks and served them with a cold glass of Cheerwine, BBQ’s Best Friend. We also had the chance to talk about our brand new product line of Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky, if you haven’t tried it yet you need to find a bag quickly!! Here’s a link to the recipes.


The best part of the day was doing the segment with my good friends Todd Thurman and Tucker Carlson!


Here’s the link to the segment during the show:


Here’s the link to the Fox & Friend’s After the Show Show: