Meyer Natural Angus Beef LogoWe would like to thank Meyer Natural Angus, 100% Angus Beef, for their generous sponsorship of the Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to represent Meyer Natural Angus at festivals, cook-offs, and barbecue competitions across the United States. As the official supplier of brisket and steak for the Pork Barrel BBQ Competition Team we knowing the judges will love our beef entries because Meyer Natural Angus is the most natural and best tasting beef on the market today. When Meyer says “natural,” they mean it – each cow is naturally raised, with the highest regard for each animal and the highest standards in the industry. 

Tuscan Top S (1024x766)Meyer Natural Angus was founded by Bob Meyer on a promise to raise cattle naturally. The company began when Meyer purchased ranch land in 1990 near Helmville, Montana. Since then, the Meyer Ranch has grown to 40,000 acres and includes a research and development facility where the company established its strict animal welfare protocols.

According to Mr. Meyer, founder and owner of Meyer Natural Angus, “My promise to our customers has always been the same – to consistently provide the industry’s highest quality, best tasting beef with a commitment to environmentally sound practices, humane animal treatment and personal integrity. I stand behind this commitment the best way I know – by putting my name on everything we sell.”

We cook Meyer Natural Angus with confidence because:

Meyer never uses any hormones or antibiotics. Each animal is allowed to mature as nature intended, for optimum flavor and tenderness. Because no steroids, hormones or antibiotics are used, Meyer Natural Angus contains less water and has a more authentic flavor.

Meyer cattle are fed a vegetarian diet. Each animal is naturally raised on pasture grass, hay, grains and legumes, and finished on a vegetarian diet, for superior flavor and tenderness. 

Meyer cattle are guaranteed Angus beef. Each animal is of true Angus heritage.

“Pitmasters are judged by how well they can tackle the brisket, the most difficult of all the low and slow meats,” said Heath Hall, President and Pitmaster of Pork Barrel BBQ. “The most important ingredient needed to successfully cook a brisket is a high quality piece of meat like Meyer Natural Angus. We are honored to cook with Meyer Natural Angus briskets each weekend we compete on the competition BBQ circuit and know that we are cooking with the highest quality, most flavorful meat on the market. Meyer Natural Angus gives us a leg up on our competitors.” 

Meyer Naturla Angus is served in more than 3,500 restaurants nationwide and can be found in grocery stores around the country including Super Target and Safeway. Meyer Natural Angus’s product line includes Filet Mignon, Ribeye, New York Strip and Top Sirloin in USDA Choice, Prime and Dry Aged and Ground Beef. 

When you are looking for the best in beef, look no further than we do and choose Meyer Natural Angus. Meyer ships to all 50 states in the U.S or place an order on their online store. For more information visit Meyer Natual Angus at

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