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We would like to thank Cheerwine, a true “LEGEND” of the soft drink industry, for their generous sponsorship of the Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team. 

Cheerwine BBQ Best FriendIt is an honor to have the opportunity to represent Cheerwine at festivals, cook-offs, and barbecue competitions across the United States as the official soft drink of the Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team. Like Pork Barrel BBQ, Cheerwine is a family business. In fact, it is the oldest, continuously operated, family-owned soft drink company in America.

Created in 1917 in Salisbury, North Carolina by a general store owner named L.D. Peeler, this singular soft drink with a hint of wild cherry and a bubbly effervescence became an immediate hit. Folks from all around the country came to LD’s store to give it a try. Soon cold cases all over North Carolina were filled with the “Nectar of North Carolina.” Since its inception, Cheerwine has been known to put a smile on everyone’s lips who gives it a try, and the Legend was born. Today, L.D.’s great grandson Cliff Ritchie leads the company, as Cheerwine officially expands to new parts of the country and continues to win loyal fans with just one sip.
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“We are thrilled to have Cheerwine, our favorite soft drink, as a sponsor of the Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team,” said Heath Hall, President and Pitmaster of Pork Barrel BBQ. “Cheerwine was born in the South and is the perfect complement to the juicy, tender, smokey, spice laden cuisine of the South – BBQ. If we’re eating BBQ, we’re drinking Cheerwine!”

“Cheerwine is delighted to sponsor Pork Barrel BBQ because we are a perfect match.” said Dan Martin, Vice President of Sales for Cheerwine. “We love the authenticity. We love the passion, the sense of community, and the diverse offerings. BBQ is America’s cuisine, and Pork Barrel BBQ is a showcase! We had to be a part of that!”

We’re not the first residence of Washington, DC who love Cheerwine. The story goes, in 1953, President Dwight Eisenhower was overcome with excitement at his first taste of Cheerwine and was only able to utter the exclamation, “Ike, likes!” If you’ve never experienced a Cheerwine we think you’ll have a similar revelation to that of President Eisenhower. Click HERE to find out where you can get Cheerwine in your area or order it from the Cheerwine Online Store HERE.

If you’ve got a BBQ restaurant and are looking to add a great product to your offerings, look no farther than Cheerwine, BBQ’s Best Friend.  Don’t believe us, than ask the fine folks at the National Barbecue Association who named it the official soft drink of the NBBQA. If you want to learn more about Cheerwine and find out how you can carry it in your restaurant click HERE.

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