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We would like to thank Butcher BBQ, producer of the best injections on the market, for their generous sponsorship of the Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team. 

Butcher BBQ InjectionsIt is an honor to have the opportunity to represent Butcher BBQ at festivals, cook-offs, and barbecue competitions across the United States. All of Butcher BBQ’s products were developed by David Bouska who after more than two decades of experience running meat markets and a custom meat processing plant started cooking BBQ competitions. Since his very first contest he used injections that he had developed for his meat shop and over the years tweaked the ingredients to make them more user friendly for the BBQ competitor. Since the introduction of Butcher BBQ’s original Beef Injection they have expanded their line of products to include Pork Injection, Bird Booster, and a line of award winning sauce and rubs.

Created with the knowledge of a champion pit master, Butcher BBQ injections, rubs and sauces have been used by some of the nations top pit masters to win some of the sports biggest contests. All of Butcher BBQ’s products are made in the USA in USDA inspected plants using only the highest quality ingredients.  

Butcher BBQ injections have been developed and perfected  with more than 30 years of meat knowledge, a claim no other company can match!

Trust Your Butcher

“We are honored to have Butcher BBQ, the maker of the best meat injections, as a sponsor of the Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team,” said Heath Hall, President and Pitmaster of Pork Barrel BBQ. “If you have any chance of winning a Grand Championship these days you’ve got to have a flawless cook and use the best products available. By using Butcher BBQ injections we know we already have a leg up on our competitors that aren’t using Butcher BBQ injections.” 

Trust Your Butcher and use Butcher BBQ products. Butcher BBQ products can be found at stores across America. For more information or to order online visit Butcher BBQ at

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