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Pork Barrel BBQ Was a Donor at the 2009 Taste of the South Charity Gala Held in Washington, DC on May 16

On Saturday, May 16 Pork Barrel BBQ donated our Pork Barrel BBQ All American Spice Rub to the 27th annual Taste of the South charity gala held at the D.C. Armory in Washington, D.C.  (We were very excited to see our name just to the right of one of our favorite BBQ joints – Gates BBQ in Kansas City, MO.)  This year’s featured charity was the Magnolia Speech School of Mississippi, a private, nonprofit, oral education program for children with hearing loss and language disorders.  Additionally, a small portion of the funds raised went to Jubilee Jobs, a Washington, D.C. based charity that provides support for disadvantaged job-seekers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Taste of the South was a great time for all that attended, even though it felt like it was 100 degrees inside the D.C. Armory. We are already looking forward to next years Taste of the South and the chance to help some worthy charities.

In addition to giving back to the community Pork Barrel BBQ used this opportunity to unveil our new label on the sample bags of our All American Spice Rub. Here’s what they look like up close. Let us know what you think of the new look and don’t forget to visit us!


Pork Barrel BBQ Competion Team – Pork Barrel BBQ To Compete in the 17th Annual Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle

Pork Barrel BBQ is proud to announce that we will be participating in the 17th Annual Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle, June 27-28 in Washington, D.C.  The Barbecue Battle takes place between 9th and 14th Streets, on Pennsylvania Ave., NW.

Saturday, June 27 is the Kansas City Barbecue Society Event in which we will be preparing brisket and pulled pork.

Sunday, June 28 is the Memphis in May Barbecue Event in which we will be preparing ribs and pulled pork.

Come on down and say hi and enjoy the festivities.  Admission for the event is just $10 for adults/$5 for kids ages 6-12/Free for kids 5 & under.

In addition to Pork Barrel BBQ’s Competition Barbecue Team there will be top competition barbecue teams from around the country vying for over $40,000 in cash and prizes.  The Safeway Demonstration Stage will host celebrity chefs who will share their secrets with you through cooking demonstrations.  Stop by The Safeway Sampling Pavilion for free food samples and recipes.  There will be vendors selling barbecue from around the country (Memphis Ribs – Carolina Chicken – Texas Brisket) for your dining pleasure.  In addition to great barbecue, there will be over 30 bands performing on 3 stages all weekend long.

The best thing about the weekend is that it is for charity.  Admission to the Barbecue Battle includes a donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

For highlights of last years Barbecue Battle check out this page on the 2008 Barbecue Battle.


Special Thanks to Yared Photography for Pork Barrel BBQ Photo

We were honored when a good friend of Pork Barrel BBQ – Mr. Yared Tseggai – shared his talent with Pork Barrel BBQ and sent photos he took of our All American Spice Rub.  Please visit Yared Photography on the web and check them out on Flickr.  Yared is an incredibly talented portrait and wedding photographer – he gets our Pork Barrel BBQ Seal of Approval.  Here is one of his great pictures of Pork Barrel BBQ’s All Ameirican Spice Rub!!


Pork Barrel BBQ Becomes Most Follwed BBQ Site On Twitter!!!

We admit it, we have become addicted to Twitter.  Our goal 30 days ago was to become the largest BBQ twitterer (as ranked on  Drumroll Please…  Today, we have achieved our spot in Twitter fame by reaching the top spot on the Twitter BBQ ladder!  A big thank you to all of our followers – feel free to check us out at and ask all of your friends to follow us.  See our ranking below or check it out at

We know that BBQ’ers are a very competitive bunch, so we know we’ll have to fight hard to keep the top spot!  But we say to all who seek the top spot – BRING IT ON!

Pork Barrel BBQ to attend National Harbor Food and Wine Festival – June 6-7, 2009 (National Harbor, MD)

Pork Barrel BBQ will be selling its All American Spice Rub at the Food and Wine Festival at National Harbor on June 6 and 7, 2009.

We will be sharing some of our favorite recipes and raffling off some of our favorite BBQ products!  There are a number of celebrity chefs (including several from the TV show Top Chef) who will be on had along with all of the amazing food and wine – and of course Pork Barrel BBQ!  Please stop by our booth and try our All American Spice Rub on some 14 hour smoked pulled pork!


The Inspirations Behind Pork Barrel BBQ – Dad, Friends and Bobby Flay

We often get asked why we started Pork Barrel BBQ and how we became so interested in BBQ so we thought we would share a bit of our story with you and a couple pictures that were taken a few years ago when Pork Barrel BBQ was just an idea percolating in our heads as a dream that was a long way from reality. 


Heath and Bobby Flay

Brett and Bobby Flay

Bobby, we look forward to the next time our paths cross and hope you’ll do us the favor of letting us know what you think about Pork Barrel BBQ – after all you are part of the reason we exist.

For more information on Bobby Flay check him out on the web at

Thanks again for your inspiration and bring back Boy Meets Grill!!!

The simple fact is we were lucky enough to grow up around great BBQ so we come by our love of it honestly — and we like to eat a bit (this is also a good motivating factor). As we graduated from high school and moved to college a trend was starting around the country – chefs could actually become celebrities and they were bringing new and exciting food ideas to the masses. Folks were cooking things they’d never heard of only months earlier let alone tried to cook. One of these innovators was Bobby Flay – both Brett’s and my culinary and grilling hero.I’ll never forget the first time I crossed paths with Bobby Flay – it was on a fledgling television network known as the Food Network. Right on the screen in front of me was this city slicker named Bobby Flay and a good ol‘ country boy named Jack McDavid. Jack was all about charcoal and wood and Bobby was all about gas. I immediately sided with Jack and felt he was the real authentic BBQ’er on the show because I believed no one in there right mind would use gas to grill (why not stay inside and use your stove and oven if you’re going to use gas was what I was saying to myself). I loved the show, it was a couple of armature TV actors who could cook, but couldn’t act. They went on to win no Academy Awards, but they both ended up winning me over. The show was short lived, but I had warmed to Bobby by the time the show was taken off and intrigued by his cooking.

The rest is history. Bobby has become one of the most recognizable cooks in all of America if not the world (who else has stood on a cutting board in Japan and lived to talk about it?). Bobby has matured into an excellent on air personality, but it has always been about the food for him and you can still see this on his current show Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Win or lose he has fun and enjoys learning the tricks of some of the best cooks in America.

We’d be comfortable in betting that Bobby has inspired many cooks across this country to try a new dish, eat something a bit different at a restaurant, get the grill out in the rain or snow, or in our case, along with our family and friends, get the courage to start a small business dedicated to great BBQ. Thanks for the inspiration Bobby!!!

Several years ago we were lucky enough to get the chance to meet Bobby during a visit of his to Congress where he was lobbying on behalf of technical education and trade schools. He took five minutes out of his busy schedule to stop and talk with us and answer some questions we had. He even had to step aside to get a picture taken with a Member of Congress and told us to hold on because he was going to come back and finish our conversation after he was finished with the picture and he held true to his word.


It is true that both Brett and I have loved exploring our culinary talents (at least the two of us think we have culinary talent — thinking is sometimes more dangerous than knowing) on grills and smokers for many years. It is also true that we’ve had our empty plates out in anticipation of what might be coming off a family member or friends grill during those summer BBQ’s and still vivid in my memory is dad grilling and smoking meat on those cold snowy or raining winter nights. I think my dad’s BBQ motto was similar to the Post Office motto and went something like this:


Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow nor heat of day nor dark of night shall keep this BBQ’er from the swift completion of his brisket, ribs, chicken, steaks, pork chops, or baked potatoes.



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Pork Barrel BBQ Becomes Top 10 Most Followed BBQ Twitterer!


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Pork Barrel BBQ Retail News – the Organic Butcher of mclean To Carry Pork Barrel Products

We are pleased to announce that the Organic Butcher of mclean became Pork Barrel BBQ’s second retail outlet in February.  We would like to thank Don Roden, owner of the Organic Butcher of mclean, for giving Pork Barrel BBQ products a shot, a little known, but emerging, entity to him at the time he agreed to carry our All-American Spice Rub.

The Organic Butcher is a quaint local butcher on Old Dominion Drive in McClean, VA.  Don carries an extensive selection of common and not so common cuts of meat. If you are looking for the traditional he’s your butcher for some of the best boneless ribeye steaks and Frenched lamb racks in the DC area.  If you are looking to go a bit more exotic with your next meal Don has wild boar, moulard duck, pheasant, buffalo, venison, elk and ostrich among others on his list of wild game.  If you live in or around McLean, make Don and the fine folks at the Organic Butcher of mclean your neighborhood butcher and supplier of Pork Barrel BBQ products!!!!

the Organic Butcher of mclean
6712 Old Dominion Drive
McLean, VA 22101
(703) 790-8300

There is no question that Don is doing what he loves and you can be certain he will take care of all your butcher shop needs!

Next time you are in McLean, stop by the Organic Butcher of mclean and thank Don for carrying Pork Barrel BBQ products and take home some of his organic meats, especially some of his wild game cuts. The Organic Butcher of mclean is open Tuesday-Sunday to serve your butcher shop needs. If you are in Charlottesville, VA stop by their second store, the Organic Butcher of cville. Don’t forget to visit the Organic Butcher of mclean on the Internet.


Pork Barrel BBQ Retail News – Let’s Meat On The Avenue Becomes First Pork Barrel BBQ Retail Outlet

Let's Meat on the Avenue
We are pleased to announce that Let’s Meat on the Avenue became Pork Barrel BBQ’s first retail outlet in December.  We are especially grateful to Let’s Meat on the Avenue’s owner, Steve Gatward, for taking a chance on Pork Barrel BBQ, an unknown quantity at the time he agreed to carry Pork Barrel BBQ All American Spice Rub.
Let’s Meat on the Avenue is located in the heart of the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria, VA.  Steve carries pasture-fed, free range and hormone-free meat and poultry raised locally in Fauquier County among his large selection of fine meats.  Let Steve and the fine folks at Let’s Meat on the Avenue become your neighborhood butcher.
Let’s Meat on the Avenue
2403 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22336
(703) 836-6328

Steve can be quite the character and is a lot of fun to talk to (As you can see from the photo!) and has an amazing selection of natural and organic meats – including beef, lamb, pork, chicken and even (coming soon) kangaroo!!  He lived in Australia for almost 20 years and sells hamburgers and hot dogs from Greg Norman, a famous Australian golfer.  As you can imagine, these items are a big hit with local golfers.


Next time you are in Del Ray, stop by Let’s Meat on the Avenue and thank Steve for carrying Pork Barrel BBQ products and take home some of his natural and organic meats. Let’s Meat on the Avenue is open Tuesday through Sunday and Steve is happy to take your special order and cut your order just the way you want it.  Don’t forget to visit Let’s Meat on the Avenue on the Internet.