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Key Remaining Undecided Group Will Decide the Outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election at

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Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 27, 2012 – Washington, D.C.’s Pork Barrel BBQ today announced America’s first of its kind, and indisputably accurate, straw poll that experts believe will predict the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election. As the campaign’s battle over the remaining undecided voters, political pundits have given a new name to this critical remaining swing voter – The BBQ Voter.

“The BBQ Voter is the key remaining undecided vote in critical swing states like Virginia, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, and the candidates would be wise to target the BBQ Voter in the remaining days of the election,” said Heath Hall, President of Pork Barrel BBQ, a bipartisan BBQ company.

BBQ’ers across America are encouraged to participate in what could be 2012’s most definitive Presidential Straw Poll that is sure to have both candidates hoping the results show them smoking their competition. Voters will cast their votes through the purchase of BBQ’ers for Obama and BBQ’ers for Romney t-shirts and bumper stickers being sold online at Each t-shirt or bumper sticker purchase equals one vote for the candidate. Votes cast in Pork Barrel BBQ’s official BBQ’ers Presidential Straw Poll will be calculated weekly and posted at here.

Political pundits, pollsters and BBQ lovers agree that the 2012 Presidential Election and battle for the Oval Office will be determined by the slimmest of margins. Both President Obama and Governor Romney are either painfully aware that this year’s election is likely to be decided by the undecided American BBQ voter or their numerous stops at barbecue joints across America is just an admission that they love barbecue more than any other American cuisine.

The candidates are encouraged to publically release their favorite barbecue recipes to the voters and eat more barbecue over the final weeks of the Presidential campaign in an attempt to sway the remaining BBQ Voters.

Barbecue has been a common unifier between the American people and politicians since the founding of America. Our first president, George Washington, once noted in his diary that he “went up to Alexandria to a barbecue”. One can only wonder if he was the first person in line for the nation’s first Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant that opened near his homestead in Alexandria in 2011. President Andrew Jackson was known to smoke meats behind his Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee and President Lyndon Johnson served barbecue at his first formal State Dinner and continued to practice “barbecue diplomacy’ throughout his political career.

BBQ’ers who wish to show support for President Obama or Governor Romney are encouraged to purchase BBQ’ers for Obama and BBQ’ers for Romney t-shirts and bumper stickers at

For more information about Pork Barrel BBQ, visit and read about their latest updates and adventures on Facebook, Twitter (@porkbarrelbbq) and the company’s blog.

About Pork Barrel BBQ

Since founding Pork Barrel BBQ in 2008, Heath Hall and Brett Thompson have become the barbecue industry’s most watched entrepreneurs and continue to earn support from avid barbecue fans with their top-ranked Pork Barrel BBQ Blog and as the number one most followed BBQ company on twitter.

Hall and Thompson have expanded their business from creating BBQ sauces and spice rubs in their home kitchens to selling award-winning BBQ products in over 4,000 stores across America including Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Safeway, The Fresh Market and Costco. Their inaugural cookbook, the free Pork Barrel BBQ Guide to Tailgating, received praise from food and sports fans across America, and their sauces have won numerous awards and was recently named to the list of Best BBQ Sauces in America by Country Living Magazine and one of the “125 Best Foods for Men” by Men’s Health Magazine.

In 2011, Pork Barrel BBQ debuted a specialty BBQ-flavored peanut with FERIDIES, added Pork Barrel BBQ Mustard BBQ Sauce to their line of sauces, introduced the world’s first barbeque scented fragrance – Que, continued to earn top awards on the professional barbecue circuit, and opened the first Pork Barrel BBQ Restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia. In 2012, the company has debuted Pork Barrel BBQ Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce, made an appearance on a follow-up segment of ABC’s Shark Tank, became Grand Champions on the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour, and were recently profiled in Inc. Magazine.

For more information about Pork Barrel BBQ, visit and read about their latest updates and adventures on Facebook, Twitter (@porkbarrelbbq) and the company’s blog.