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The Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team had an excellent cook at it’s second contest of the 2015 competition season in Ft. Washington, MD this past weekend at the Beltway BBQ Showdown. This was our fifth time cooking this contest and it remains one of our favorites. Johnathan Jones, the contest organizer, does a great job creating a very cooker friendly contest. I also love it because I can be home and in the shower less than 30 minutes after awards! After a brief period where it looked like we could be in for some heavy rain none came and the weather couldn’t have been nicer for the remainder of the contest.


After shaking the winter rust off in Annapolis, MD a few weeks ago we had a very solid cook hat ended in us being named Grand Champions!!  Before I talk in more detail about the cook I want to give a big thank you to our sponsors, ICEHOLE Coolers for keeping our meats nice and fresh and our drinks nice and cool, East Coast Smokin’ Woods for providing us with an awesome supply of Hickory, Oak & Cherry to fuel the Jambo, and Butcher BBQ for supply us with amazing injections and Bird Booster!


Here’s how we did:


We continued our hot streak with Chicken, finishing in 5th place out of 38 teams with a 171.9884. I felt like we had a very good chance of hearing our name called after I took the first bite of chicken right after taking it off the smoker. It had great color, good bite through skin and was very moist. I’ve said it a hundred times and will probably say it a hundred more, if you aren’t using Butcher BBQ Bird Booster products you probably aren’t hearing your name called for chicken as often as you’d like to. 


After Annapolis where our ribs had very little flavor I spent a lot of time reconsidering my rib recipe and had several phone calls with rib master Rod Gray of Pellet Envy. After Rod’s council I revamped my recipe and made some tweeks to my cooking technique and was very pleased with the improvement. I still have some work to do, but in the end these four racks of ribs failed to do what so many racks have done to us in the past – cost us a chance at the Grand Championship. Our ribs had great flavor and did enough to keep us in the fight for Grand. We finished 13th out of 38 teams with a score of 163.9656. 


After a middle of the pack finish in Annapolis I did some tweeking on my Pork recipe and it paid off big time. This was one of the best pork boxes I’ve turned in in quite some time – it was juicy, had great flavor and a killer money muscle. We finished in 3rd place out of 36 teams with a score of 173.1428.


Brisket was a mixed bag for us – it had great, really great, flavor, but it was slightly overcooked which made cutting slices somewhat difficult. If this brisket had come off the smoker 10-15 minutes earlier this could have been a brisket with a chance at a top finish. We ended up in 9th place out of 36 teams with a score of 165.6800. 


Thanks to a very consistent cook with all above average turn-ins we finished 1st out of 39 teams with an overall score of 674.7768 and were named Grand Champions of the 2015 Beltway BBQ Battle, helping us score some good points in the Kansas City Barbeque Society and MABBA Team of the Year races. It was great sharing our first GC of the year with my five week old son Hudson (Hope he doesn’t get to used to GC’s!). Congratulations to Michael Fay and his Aporkalypse Now team on being named Reserve Grand Champions. 

Again, a huge thank you to our sponsors – ICEHOLE Coolers, East Coast Smokin’ Wood, & Butcher BBQ – without your support we couldn’t be doing what we love to do so many weekends each year! Thank you for your support and for making such remarkable products! Be sure to support those who support BBQ by visiting our sponsors websites and ordering from them!

We’ve got a couple weeks off before our next contest. We’ll see you in Buckhannon, WV the weekend of June 19-20 for the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash – winner gets an auto to the Jack!