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The Pork Barrel BBQ Competition BBQ Team kicked off the 2015 competition season in Annapolis, MD this past weekend at the Naptown barBAYq. With 64 teams competing, the Naptown barBAYq competition is one of the largest Kansas City Barbeque Society competitions on the East Coast. Congratulations to Dan Hixon and the 3 Eyz BBQ team on their very decisive Grand Championship (and scoring the first ever 700+ score in he Mid-Atlantic Region) and Chix, Swine & Bovine on their Reserved Grand Championship. As always, it was a very well run contest with great weather – a bit cool and damp at Friday night, but sunny and warm on Saturday! 

Naptwon barBAYq 2015

It was good to shake the winter rust off and get back in he swing of competing – it had been more than six months since we cooked our last competition, The Jack. A big thank you to our sponsors, ICEHOLE Coolers for keeping our meats nice and fresh and our drinks nice and cool, East Coast Smokin’ Woods for providing us with an awesome supply of Hickory, Oak & Cherry to fuel the Jambo, and Butcher BBQ for supply us with amazing injections and Bird Booster!

Naptwon Jambo

Here’s how we did:


We ended the 2014 season on a hot streak with Chicken and were lucky enough to keep it going to start the 2015 season. We finished in 1st place out of 64 teams in Chicken with a 175.440. I  could tell we had a chance at a call when I took my first bit before preparing our box. The chicken had a great color, perfect sweet and heat flavor and a perfect bite through skin. A huge thanks to Butcher’s for the assist with their great  Butcher BBQ Bird Booster products!

2015 Naptown barBAYq Chicken


Ribs continue to be a mystery to us. Our ribs weren’t bad, but I didn’t think they were particularly good either – in all honesty they really lacked any kind of flavor, good or bad. Although I did get one comment card that thanked me for the great ribs and their amazing flavor, not sure who’s ribs that judge had, but it wasn’t anything like the ones I tasted. We ended up in the middle of the pack finishing in 28th out of 64 teams with a 161-6456.



We finished 29th out of 64 teams with a 161.6456 in Pork. I thought we turned in a real flavorful and nice looking pork box, but again we ended up right in the middle of the pack. I’m not sure I’d make any changes as I feel the same pork on a different day could do much better.


Brisket was our most frustrating result. I thought we had a very solid brisket box and felt like it had a really good chance at getting a call. We ended up in 26th place out of 64 teams with a score of 163.9772. We used the same recipe and had a very similar result as we did for the last competition brisket we turned in which finished in 6th place at The Jack. We’ll just try it again at the next contest!


Thanks to a first place and 3 middle of the road results we finished 13th out of 64 teams overall with a score of 662.7084. Not a bad way to start the season considering the field included many of the top teams on the East Coast.

Again, a huge thank you to our sponsors – ICEHOLE Coolers, East Coast Smokin’ Wood, & Butcher BBQ – without your support we couldn’t be doing what we love to do so many weekends each year! Thank you for your support and for making such remarkable products! Be sure to support those who support BBQ by visiting our sponsors websites and ordering from them!

It was great seeing our friends Mike & Chris Peters with the Great American BBQ Tour. Mike, as always, had the crowd mesmerized by BBQ!

Mike Peters - 1

We’ve got some time off between now and our next contest. We’ll see you in Ft. Washington, MD the weekend of May 30-31 for the Beltway BBQ Showdown!